Heart - Congenital Defect

Heart - Congenital Defect

Heart - Congenital Defect

My son/daughter/sister… is ……. years old and he/she has a congenital heart defect the hole in the heart was closed some time ago and he/she was doing ok but now…………….


We come across such queries these days very frequently.

Such patients may take following medicines with the permission of their doctor



Heart - Congenital DefectTake 100ml of well boiled water (it should be at body temperature or lukewarm) and put few drops (as indicated against each) each of the following in it

(i) CRATAEGUS OXYACANTHA-Q          100 drops.

(ii) QUEBRACHO (ASPIDOSPERMA)-Q      5 drops.

(iii) SABAL SERRULATA-Q              20 drops.

(iv) CEANOTHUS AMERICANUS-Q         5 drops.

(v) ARNICA MONT-Q                   5 drops.

Mix it well.

Give approximately 15ml of it 4hourly.

Give ‘MEDORRHINUM -200’ 1 drop in ½ cup of water once in a fortnight.

Use plenty of fresh fruits and green vegetables regularly; avoid spicy and fried articles. Junk foods should be avoided.

 This page contains basic information. If you are concerned about your health, you should consult a doctor.


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Amenorrhœa, with bloating; metrorrhagia with nausea; fainting, vital depression. Hæmorrhages at change of life. Blood expelled in large clots.
Respiration short and unsatisfactory.


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