NEBULIZER - Device used to deliver liquid medication in the form of a fine mist is called nebulizer. Patient inhales the medication while breathing normally through a mouthpiece or face mask.

ASTHMA (Breathlessness)
Asthma is an allergic disorder characterised by breathlessness, which is the result of a spasmodic narrowing of the respiratory passages.
In ASTHMA there are paroxysmal attacks of dyspnoea. Inspiration (drawing in air) is short. Expiration is prolonged.
Cause is narrowing of trachea, bronchi and bronchioles especially marked during expiration. Asthma may occur at any age.There may be a family history of allergy (urticaria, hay fever, migraine, attacks of asthma). Asthma attack may last for minutes, hours or days. Homoeopathy may do a great good to the suffering humanity in this very painful troubling disease.

Take 100ml of well boiled water (it should be at body temperature or
lukewarm) and put few drops (as indicated against each) each of the
following in it

(i) IPECACUANHA-Q 1 drop.
(iv) ARALIA RACEMOSA-Q 5 drops.
(vi) SABAL SERRULATA-Q 20 drops.
Mix it well.
Give approximately 5ml of it every 15 minutes till the attack subsides.
Give ‘Sepia-30’ 1 drop in ½ cup of water once in a week.
Give ‘ANTIMONIUM CRUDUM-30’ 1 drop in ½ cup of water after meals
twice daily.

Homeopathic Treatment  - Check if most symptoms of any of these medicines matches with most of your symptoms:

Antimonium tart 30 : Asthma from cold, humid weather; an attack of asthma at 3 a.m., compelling the patient to sit up and seek open air; loud, rattling sound from the chest while coughing but nothing (mucous) comes out; soon the face turns pale and blue and gets covered with cold sweat; an important symptom of Antimonium tart is an irresistible desire to sleep, even during respiratory distress.
Arsenic 30 - An attack of asthma precipitated after consuming cold drinks/foods; breathlessness worse from 12 to 2 a.m., the person is unable to lie down from fear of suffocation - must sit, bending forward; darting pain and burning through the upper third of right lung; asthma accompanied by inexplicable prostration and fear (of death).
Carbo veg 30 - An attack of asthma after eating salted meat or fish; breathlessness and spasmodic cough causing gagging and vomiting; copious cold sweat on the face and the body; the person desiring fanning from a close distance. Carbo veg may prove to be life-saving when a person seems collapsing or sinking from a severe attack of breathlessness.
Ipecacuanha 30 - An attack of asthma especially in winter, preceded by severe nausea and vomiting; soon there is violent constriction in the throat and the chest, wheezing and dry cough leading to suffocation; persistent nausea (not relieved even after vomiting) and thirstlessness confirm the choice of Ipecac.
Nux vomica 30 An attack of asthma after digestive upset; prolonged breathlessness from midnight till morning; shallow, oppressive breathing with dry cough; with asthma, there is bursting headache and gripping pain in the stomach; frequent, ineffectual desire for stool.
Ammoniac gummi
Humid asthma., with tenacious expectoration and a sensation as if something would be torn loose.
Arsenicum Attacks of suffocation, especially at night or when lying down ; great anguish and restlessness. Cannot lie down for fear of suffocation.
Especially useful if the disease be chronic and the dyspnoea habitual.
Natrum sulphuricum is useful in asthma which is worse upon change to damp weather. Moist asthma, with a great deal of rattling on the chest.
The shortness of breath is especially worse in damp weather. Looseness of bowels at each attack, worse from alcohol. Sycotic taint.
Stramonium In nervous asthma, where the voice suddenly gives out and takes on a higher pitch.Great sense of suffocation with tight feeling across chest ; face becomes blue.
Ipecac Spasmodic asthma, with weight and anxiety about the chest ; sudden wheezing dyspnoea, threatening suffocation ; aggravated by motion ; the cough causes gagging and vomiting.
Lobelia inflata There is a weak sensation in epigastrium extending up into chest ; nausea ; profuse salivation ; great oppression of chest, relieved by moving about ; sensation of lump in stomach ; attacks preceded by a prickly sensation through the whole system.
Kalium bichromicum Worse at three or four o'clock in the morning ; relieved by raising stringy mucus ; relief also from sitting up and bending forward.
 Apis : He does not see how he can get another breath.
Bromine : Patient feels as if he could not get air enough into his lungs, consequently breathes very deeply. This is owing to constriction of glottis. Grindelia : On falling asleep ceases to breathe and wakes with a start.Humid asthma and acute catarrhal asthma are sometimes benefited by this remedy.
Carbo veg. is useful in Asthma which is reflex from accumulation of gas in the stomach.
Nux vomica
When brought on by gastric disturbance, fulness and oppression worse after hearty meal ; must loosen clothing ; relieved by belching.
Zingiber may be used for Asthma of gastric origin. With this drug there is no anxiety.
Pothos Asthma brought on or made worse from inhalation of dust of any kind.


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