A Friend To Young Ladies..

Cundurango a friend to young ladies
Tumors of the breast are very common these days; Cundurango30 is very helpful in aborting the trouble. It also removes tendency towards cancer.

Aletris Farinosa
Gives you energy and vigor it also regulates menstrual difficulties.

A friend to young ladies

If you are obese have constipation, there is some skin trouble, your hair is falling off; dislike meat, sweets and hot drinks. During your periods (which are generally late) feel stomach discomfort in morning hours. Itching of vulva before menstruation. GRAPHITES30 one dose in a week may give you relief..

Trembling of hand, while writing. Tendency to ABORTION. Constipation. You feel sleepless at night but sleepy during the day. Have poor health (anemia) not gaining weight. PLUMBUM 30 one dose in a week.

"Abnormal presentations may be righted if Pulsatilla is given before the membranes are ruptured or the presenting parts are firmly engaged.

If the babe in the uterus stops growing, allopathy has no cure and they abort the child. But if one single dose of the homoeopathic medicine Secale Cornutum-10M is given, the babe starts growing.

After caesarean (or for that matter after any abdominal surgery) there would be pain in the sutured place lasting for years. But one single dose of the homoeopathic medicine Staphysagria-1M, completely cures in twenty-four hours all post-operative abdominal discomforts.

A fair percentage of newly married women are prone to urinary infection and they spend in thousands. Again, the same homoeo medicine Staphysagria 1000, in one single dose, would cure the condition in just a day time.

A most valuable remedy in vomiting of various kinds; morning sickness.

Salivation of pregnancy.

Very valuable in albuminuria of pregnancy.
Retinitis albuminurica, especially during pregnancy.

Blood is dark-colored and does not coagulate.Disposition to melancholia and indolence.Persons with dark eyes and dark complexions.
Phlebitis following pregnancy. It has been found useful at the period of black vomit in yellow fever, and sometimes in the vomiting of pregnancy.The abdominal symptoms have pointed to its use in metritis and peritonitis, in dysentery, in dysmenorrhoea, in inflammation of the ovaries, in short, in a great variety of diseases of the abdominal and pelvic viscera, usually of an adynamic type, with the characteristic symptoms of the remedy.A valuable remedy for inflammation of the ovaries, < l., with violent pain and sensitiveness to weight of clothes, especially if the menstrual flow is offensive, sometimes general relief on the free appearance of the menses.It has been found useful in venereal ulcers (chancroid), when the sore tends to become gangrenous, with the general peculiarities of the drug.Membranous dysmenorrhoea < alcoholic stimulants, with great pain in l. ovary darting upward.Puerperal metritis, metro-peritonitis and fetid lochia.Valuable for a great variety of troubles at the climacteric, especially for metrorrhagia, fainting turns, hot flushes, hot vertex, flatulent distention, pain in ovaries, exhaustion from sleep, etc.The most frequent indications for Lach. in all diseases of the uterus and ovaries are the intolerance of the weight of the clothing and the tendency of the disease to extend from l. to r., with these conditions it has cured almost every pathological condition of the female organs, tumors, inflammations, displacements, indurations, neuralgias, etc.Inflammation of breasts, with suppuration and bluish appearance, extreme sensitiveness of the nipples.

Palliative in cancer of uterus.

Labor-like pains better when standing is a very valuable hint and differentiates it from numerous other remedies.
Great soreness in uterine region with sympathetic palpitation of the heart. Cardiac dropsy with this uterine soreness.
Movement in the abdomen as from the fist of a child like sul., Thuj., Croc. In the case of Conval. the symptom occurs "when lying on the back." Sleepiness accompanies many symptoms. > In open air, < in warm room (like Cepa).
its nearest congener is Lilium tig. In common with it, affects the heart and female genital sphere conjointly ; in the case of the latter(Lil-tig.), however, the primary impression is on sexual organs, the heart and other symptoms being generally regarded as reflex.
In the former(Convallaria) the action is first manifest on the heart muscle, the general muscular system quickly following with analogous symptoms, its homœopathicity to rheumatic myocarditis is undoubted, but seems to have been over-looked ; it has the same muscular enfeeblement of the heart and hæmorrhagic tendency, as well as the general sense of muscular soreness ; its use in dropsies shows it to be the true similar where due to myocardial weakness. It must, however, not be supposed that a curative action can be obtained where this muscle weakness is the result of leaky or stenosed valves. This remedy pictures relaxation in its every phase, with mental depression and tendency to chilliness, especially from drafts ; eating and rest ameliorate many symptoms, is evidently poorly nourished and the stimulation of food therefore helps.

Sudden, determined, fierce entrance into the bodily arena
rush of blood to head and face,
hot red face,
dilated pupils,
throbbing carotids,
sparkling eyes,
bounding pulse,
excited mental state,
sensorial hyperæsthesia,
restless sleep
the red, burning hot skin,
dryness of mouth, yet frequently associated with aversion to water and dread of drinking,
all drinks being loathsome with the possible exception of lemonade, which is taken in small sips.
Tendency to delirium is always marked, the brain irritation, especially in children, an early and constant symptom.
So many pains run downward from the head ; they come and go quickly, no matter where they appear or how long they last.
With all this general circulatory storm, sooner or later localizing somewhere, the Belladonna patient is chilly and very sensitive ; he feels better wrapped up in a room. Any draught, cold application, having his hair cut, aggravates.
Very marked and characteristic is the afternoon aggravation.
The sensitiveness is seen in the great aggravation from any noise, jar, light, touch.
Position, too, influences the comfort of the Belladonna patient. He feels better in a semi-erect position, worse lying down.
The right side is more markedly affected than the left.
Belladonna, however universally applicable to all ages and conditions of patients, when indicated is especially suitable to persons of plethoric habit, pleasant and jolly folks, but who become irritable when sick ; children especially respond quickly to

. They are sensitive, twitch from slightest ailment, easily delirious and suddenly develop serious symptoms.


It too, expresses itself as a congestive drug. In the suddenness and violence of its symptoms, it goes beyond Belladonna.
Suddenly and with greatest violence it determines blood to the periphery.
Its terrible bursting pains coming in shocks.
Throbbing, pulsations, blood rushes to head and heart and arterioles or great blood vessels and surges with sensation of over fullness and bursting in different parts, this is the pathological state it produces and cures, especially when we have the patient frantic with pain, every jar, every concussion, no matter how slight, increasing the pain. Similar aggravation we have from heat, and stimulating things. Compared with
Belladonna we find its violence greater, the explosiveness all its own, while Belladonna is more persistent, regular, deeply anchored in its organic inflammation and tissue changes. Glonoin has more tendency to sudden and violent irregularity of the circulation due to climacteric disturbances, menstrual suppression, exposure to great heat, hence sun-stroke, open furnaces, gas jets, summer beat of our interior valleys. Insanity caused by long-continued heat of sun. With Glonoin headaches, patient has confusion of ideas, loss of sensation of location is very characteristic, he loses his way, cannot tell where he is, cannot find his room, familiar thing seem strange or even with unconsciousness. Glonoin cannot bear any heat, differing here from Belladonna. The face, too, is more livid, neck feels full so that the collar must be opened -he swells up under the ears.

typifies more a suffusion, a gradual filling up and weakening of vessels, so that they rupture, and we have epistaxis or other hæmorrhage to the great and immediate relief of all suffering. Its symptoms are worse at the approach of a storm or changeable whether. The symptoms are better from the use of vinegar, differing from Belladonna, with which it shares the fiery red face, aggravation from talking and motion. With Melilotus more than either Glonoin or Belladonna we are apt to have a smothered feeling or oppression of the chest, often combined with a cough, which is relieved by violent nosebleed. 
Congestions relieved by hæmorrhage, with great redness of face and head, and when Belladonna Glonoin do not relieve.
Its action is very rapid, relieving irritability of nerves and any local hyperæmia in a very few minutes.
Its best range of action is on the brain, especially in insanity and all forms of spasms.
In nervous headaches and conditions of cerebral oppression it relieves at once if given.
Relief from hæmorrhage and the very red face which proceeds, and the aggravation by changeable, rainy weather, seems to distinguish Melilotus from the others. This glowing redness of the face is probably its chief guiding symptom.
Melilotus, like Belladonna, is frequently indicated in infantile spasms, in nervous children during dentition, with Melilotus we are more apt to have constipation marked, there being no desire for stool until there is a large accumulation, the stool is painful, difficult, and anus constricted.
Broken sensation in lumbo-sacral articulation; on sitting and esp. sitting upright; constantly changes position to get relief; wants to strike the part or press it; > standing or walking (seemed to alternate with headache).Uneasy sensation in large joints.As if had taken hard cold; stiff and sore on rising, > by careful movement.Rheumatic pains in all joints on approach of rain-storm or in rainy, changeable weather.Extremities cold.

Suicidal mind of gold.
Peevish ill-humour of Chamomilla.
Deadly fear of Aconite.
Tearfulness of Pulsatilla.
Restlessness and anguish of Arsenic.
Violence of Staphisagria.

Specific locality of pains and symptoms. Very often such pains are found distant from the seat of the trouble as, for example, the pain about the lower angle of the right scapula and under the right scapula of Chelidonium. In the case of the patient and of the drug the pain has nothing to do with the scapula itself except as a signal of distress, but in nine cases out of ten if this symptom is a strongly marked feature Chelidonium will cure without troubling much about the rest of the symptoms.

(belongs to the Rhus family) Suddenly awakened from sleep by intense pain in right eye. Comocladia3 night and morning, relieved eye and head symptoms and also in the joints, for the patient had pains in the ankles. Headache in the right temple.Patient had a blow in that region six years before in a motor accident. The pain was focussed all round the right eye and was as if the eye was being gouged out. The eye was bloodshot in the attacks. Comocladia 1 relieved.
 Carduus Marianus: Bringing up large quantities of dark clotted blood. Right apex dull and copious moist sounds there. Patient did not feel at all ill,  no temperature. Very gouty subject. Carduus Marianus has haemorrhages of many kinds, including haemoptysis, and that it is one of the organ remedies of Rademacher associated with the spleen and liver.

Ornithogalum: Inoperable Cancer of the stomach. Cancer of the coecum.

In Homoeopathy the consultation focuses on the whole person, on their experience of their illness in their life. The consultation contains questions about your symptoms and everything that might influence you: the effects of time of day, position, temperature, weather changes, seasons, situations and emotions, diet, exercise. Each person when they are ill maintains a pattern of symptoms which is their best possible response to the illness. The purpose of the consultation is to understand and recognize this pattern of symptoms and match it in a homeopathic medicine chosen especially to stimulate natural healing.

You should continue all the medication you are already taking - it will not stop the healing effect of homeopathy. Homeopathic medicines are gentle yet act deeply and in harmony with your body and any other medication you need.

As long as you and your body need support, so the length of each treatment depends on: how long you have been ill, how severely ill you are, how long it might take for your body to heal and repair. It takes longer to heal joints than to heal skin. People often respond to homeopathy soon and once improvement begins it continues as it supports your natural healing resources.

The medicines are taken by mouth - as drops in water, or as pills or tablets to suck. They do not have a strong taste. Babies and young children are given the medicines in sweet granules. Full typed instructions are given on how to take the medicines and how often to take them or give them to your child. Usually the medicines are taken daily at the beginning of treatment.

Homeopathy is safe, gentle and natural.

Homeopathy is safe for babies and children.

Homeopathy is safe for pregnant women.

Homeopathy is safe for breastfeeding women.

Homeopathy is safe for men and women of all ages.

Users and critics agree that homeopathic medicines are safe with no side effects. Homeopathy proved safe for two hundred years of medical practice and research and trials.

Homeopathic medicines are gentle in action.

Homeopathic medicines are made from pure natural ingredients.

Homeopathic dose is extremely small.

A good guideline to remember is:

Homoeopathy as the general rule; allopathy as a last resort.


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