ACONITUM NAPELLUS (Monkshood) - Part Two

Complaints from very hot weather-- your child goes out (these days some parts in India and abroad are facing high temperature in the day time – family members have to go out and work – general public cannot afford to sit in air-conditioned apartments – exposure to sun heat and warm winds may cause sunstroke) to school and may come back sick, there may be fever, thirst (desires cold water), vomiting, retention of urine, anxiety, restlessness. In such circumstances (till you go to your family doctor you may try this medicine) put 1drop of Aconite30 in a cup of water and give 1 or 2 ml every 5 minutes; few doses may save a lot of trouble and prevent you from going to your doctor.

Some thought is worrying you, you are unable to sleep; your baby / parents / in-laws are anxious and restless can’t sleep. Don’t use sleeping pill.

Few drops ACONITUM NAPELLUS 30 taken with little water gives natural sleep quickly.

Car sickness, cataract, arthritis, weak sight…..friend in old age…
History of skin troubles in winter; skin troubles getting worse in winter; feels hungry during night , may have to rise and eat otherwise cannot sleep; motion/car sickness; if you have faced such symptoms in your life and now in advancing age you find problem in reading without glasses Petroleum 30 one drop in morning every week may improve your vision and may prevent development of cataract; if some old person having similar history fells ill and tells you that he/she feels that his/her death is near and affairs should be settled quickly, desires to call dear ones and also the family advocate to final the will then you may find a great friend in PETROLEUM 1m given few drops in water may improve or avert the disease. In old persons there is great help for joint troubles in Petroleum if we find cracking in joints.


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