The ripe seeds are used in making the mother tincture. It seems to act chiefly on the genito-urinary organs, prostate gland especially, and corresponds to many conditions proceeding from abnormal states in this region. The results of suppressed anger, peevishness and hyper-sensitiveness. Mind dwelling on sexual subjects and for sexual excesses and onanism. Premature decay and discoloration of teeth. Sad and irritable, especially depressed after a fit of anger or after an insult; a sort of mental colic; very peevish and gloomy. "So weak ! so weak !". Memory weak. The nervous system is worn out, exhausted; the patients are pale, the nose is peaked, the eyes are sunken and surrounded by dark rings. The patient is moody, depressed, prefers solitude, is shy of the opposite sex. Sexual excesses and especially self-abuse from allowing the mind to dwell too long on sexual subjects.

The lunacy of the act is met by this remedy. In female there is crawling on the external genitals as from insects; parts very sensitive. An eruption with violent itching, which, when scratched, changes place and itches somewhere else. (Anacardium and Mezereum. )The teeth turn black and crumble as soon as they appear, a condition found in sycotic children. (Kreosote. ).
Itching of margin of lids, styes, nodosities resulting from styes, chalazæ on lids, one after another, sometimes ulcerating. A sensation as if the stomach were hanging down, relaxed; it seems to be flabby and weak; a great desire for wine, brandy or tobacco. Pain in abdomen after every morsel of food and drink. (Ipecac. )Sensitiveness of the sexual organs, ovaries, teeth, abdomen, wounds, etc. Sensation of a round ball in forehead, sitting firmly even when shaking the head. Styes, constantly recurring, sometimes ulcerating. Hysteria or hypochondriasis from sexual or onanism.


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