Homœopathy Or Homeopathy

Homœopathy Or Homeopathy

What's in the name?

HomœopathyNow values tradition, this underpins the college ethos. If we look at key words which describe the teaching and practice within the Allen College they can be found in a simple, connected word search. Classical, authentic, conventional, established, accepted. Classical Homœopathy is established as straightforward and simple. The articles provided areby credible practicing homœopaths who teach and work within an established, orthodox framework. Conventional, proven, safe, time tested methodology is followed both in content we provide and in homœopathic prescribing sessions. Homœopathy is no doubt an authentic energy medicine and combined with our corked medicine bottle and ink pens which represent tradition and personal attention, we like to honor the origins of this amazing healing method.

Homœopathy or Homeopathy? Hahnemann, the founder, was also a linguist, he chose the title of the new system of medicine purposefully. Homœopathy. It comes from the Greek 'homeois' meaning similar or like, combined it with 'pathos' meaning suffering and putting the two together means 'similar suffering.' Also in the word 'homo' , Latin for 'man' and 'path' which is 'the way' .

The word may contain energies which are correctly going to represent the science. According to Hahnemann homopathic means 'same' which is not the basic principle. The word 'homœopathic' first appeared in Hahnemann's essay "Indications of the Homœopathic Employment in Medicine in Ordinary Practice, Hahnemann himself was quite sensitive about the spelling and he said in a Note Bene in the second volume of Materia Medica Pura and in footnote to a Note Bene in Lesser Writings that the omission of the dipthong [œ] makes the root of the word mean 'same' and not 'similar'. 'Homœis' "cannot these persons feel the difference betwixt 'identical' and 'similar'. Are they all laboring under the same malady or stupidity? Should not anyone who ventures to step forward as a critic of the 'spirit of the homœopathic doctrine' have to begin with at least some idea of the meaning of the word 'Homœopathy'.

Hence we are a HomœopathyNow, We provide knowledge, awareness, guidance and online Homœopathy prescribing sessions.

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Homœopathy Or Homeopathy

What's in the name?HomœopathyNow values tradition, this underpins the college ethos. If we look at key… 


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