Tinnitus Symptoms And Treatments, Homeopathy

Tinnitus Symptoms And Treatments, Homeopathy


Aconitum cammarum- There is headache agg. by bending body forward; and faceache accompanied by tinnitus aurium and vertigo.

Baryta muriatica- Tinnitus.

Causticum - Accumulations of mucus in larynx and fauces; catarrh of throat and Eustachian tubes with tinnitus and reverberation.

Cedron - Tinnitus.

Chenopodium anthelminticum - Tinnitus. Roaring tinnitus synchronous with heart.

China officinalis - Tinnitus.

Chininum salicylicum - Tinnitus.

Cimicifuga racemosa - Tinnitus aurium. Tinnitus from irritation of auditory nerve, direct or reflex.

Coccus cacti - Tinnitus.

Ferrum picricum - Tinnitus.

Kalium iodatum - Ears, otalgia; tinnitus.  Tinnitus like buzzing of flies. Its characteristic tinnitus aurium is certainly the sharp, shrill, hissing and piercing noise, but it also relieves the throbbing, pulsative noises, especially when the heart is hypertrophied and inclined to fatty degeneration. Allow a single dose of K. iod. 30 to act.

Kalium nitricum - In a poisoning case there was in the period of recovery intense vertigo with tinnitus, which should indicate K. n. in some cases of Meniere's disease. Vertigo and tinnitus.

Kalmia latifolia - Tinnitus.
Ledum palustre - Tinnitus.

Magnesium carbonicum - Tinnitus. Deafness rapidly progressing with heat on vertex, headache and tinnitus. Deafness agg. on taking cold, and irregular but distressing tinnitus and a dead weight on vertex causing her to hang down her head. Tinnitus (man, 29), constant, at times like a church bell, at others like a gas-jet, agg. when excited and after exertion. Deafness, tuning-fork hearing imperfect, agitation and worry causes palpitation; slightest unexpected touch on body brings on tinnitus aurium, which seems to come from throat and back of neck; headache on vertex on rising in morning and confined bowels.

Manganum aceticum- Sensitive ears, takes cold and gets headache; history of gall-stones and jaundice; sleepy and headache in afternoon, bitter taste in morning, lips glued together; whistling tinnitus worse in a cold. (Whistling tinnitus, Mang. ac.; explosions, Mag. carb.; rasping, shrill tinnitus as well as cardiac tinnitus, pumping, K. iod.). Subject to sore throats and unpleasant breath, tinnitus as of blood rushing fast through the ears. Whistling tinnitus.

Menyanthes trifoliata - Tinnitus when chewing.

Mercurius solubilis - Obstinate tinnitus.

Morphinum - Ringing; surring; roaring; tinnitus.

Moschus - Singing tinnitus.

Natrium salicylicum - The most marked and persistent of the symptoms produced by Nat. sal. is giddiness, agg. on rising from lying, and intense tinnitus aurium with deafness.

Nitricum acidum - Nit. ac. has a special power in deafness and tinnitus.

Onosmodium virginianum - Tinnitus; loss of memory : would repeat orders she had given to servant a short time before.

Opium - Tinnitus like sea roaring, continual, coming at uncertain times.

Phosphorus - Frequent tinnitus sometimes changing into beautiful tunes. Never-ceasing tinnitus like steam; seems to cause vertigo and feeling of falling through floor.

Pilocarpinum - Labyrinthine deafness, tinnitus, and auditory nerve vertigo. Tinnitus of left ear.

Pimpinella saxifraga - Tinnitus.

Pinus silvestris - Tinnitus.

Pulsatilla nuttaliana - Tinnitus.

Pulsatilla pratensis - Otorrhoea with throbbing tinnitus.

Ratanhia peruviana - Tinnitus.

Rheum palmatum - In vertiginous symptoms due to brain exhaustion with flushings followed by perspiration and awful muffled and discordant tinnitus, great relief followed the sniffing of 3 x trit. of Rheum palmatum.

Rhododendron chrysanthum - Tinnitus. An intense degree of tinnitus aurium was caused by it, and this, associated with the vertigo, gives Rhod. a place in M‚niere's disease.

Rosa damascena - Farrington mentions that R. dam. was introduced by Jeanes as a remedy at the beginning of rose-cold when the Eustachian tube is involved, with some degree of deafness and tinnitus.

Salicinum - Tinnitus. Giddiness, confusion of the head, flickering before the eyes, and tinnitus. Tinnitus, Nat. sal., Chi., Chi. s., Carb. s.

Salicylicum acidum - Tinnitus dependent on hyperaemia.

Sanguinaria canadensis - Tinnitus.

Sanguinarinum nitricum - Tinnitus.

Sinapis nigra - Cheloid, scar tissue, and tinnitus aurium.

Spigelia anthelmia - Tinnitus.

Sulfonalum - Headache, with tinnitus.

Tabacum - Tightness in head as though a band stretched round it, disturbance of vision, tinnitus, and vertigo.

Teplitz aqua - Tinnitus.

Thiosinaminum - Tinnitus aurium. Tinnitus caused by fibrous bands.

Tuberculinum bovinum - Tinnitus.

Veratrum nigrum - Tinnitus aurium.


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