Pregnancy, Complaints Of

Pregnancy, Complaints Of

Pregnancy, complaints of

ACONITUM NAPELLUS- Pregnancy. Pregnancy and parturition call for Aconite in impending cases of abortion when induced by fright and vexation.

AESCULUS HIPPOCASTANUM- During pregnancy sacro-iliac symphysis gives out while she walks; must sit down; feels best lying.

AETHUSA CYNAPIUM - This we may find in men, children, or pregnant women.

AILANTHUS GLANDULOSA- Vomiting of pregnancy.

ALETRIS FARINOSA- Pregnancy, vomiting of. Obstinate vomiting of pregnancy. It is most suited for chlorotic girls and pregnant women. Vomiting during pregnancy. Anaemic debility of chlorotic girls and pregnant women, suffering from slow digestion; least food distresses the stomach; fainting attacks with vertigo; flatulent colic, constipation; amenorrhoea or delayed menses from uterine or ovarian atony, premature profuse menses, with laborlike pains; sterility from uterine atony.

ALLIUM SATIVUM- Said to be injurious during pregnancy and nursing.

Alstonia constricta - Pregnancy, vomiting of Uterus, debility of.

ALUMINA - Pregnancy, constipation of. Pregnancy, toothache of. Constipation of pregnant women, children, and painters.

ANACARDIUM ORIENTALE - Vomiting of pregnancy. Morning sickness of pregnancy > by eating, but returns soon after. Sleeplessness in pregnant women; spells of sleeplessness lasting for several nights. Nausea during pregnancy, > whilst eating. The cough of Anac. is > by eating. Symptoms generally > by eating; recur two hours after. There is intermittence in the symptoms of Anac. "The attacks ceased for one or two days, and then continued again for a couple of days." Anac. is suited to affections of the palms of the hands. There are warts even on the palms.

ANTIMONIUM CRUDUM - Gastro-intestinal disorders of pregnancy. Nausea, vomiting, and diarrhoea during pregnancy.

APIS MELLIFICA - Dropsy in the latter part of pregnancy attended with puerperal convulsions. Thirstlessness in cerebro-spinal meningitis, ovarian dropsy, ascites and pregnancy. No thirst with heat; mouth dry.

APOMORPHINUM (APOMORPHIA) - Pregnancy, vomiting of.

ARGENTUM METALLICUM - Palpitation, at night; during pregnancy. Palpitation : at night; during pregnancy.

ARGENTUM NITRICUM - During pregnancy, stomach as if it would burst with wind; head feels expanded.

ARNICA MONTANA (ARNICA) - Vomiting of pregnancy.

ARTEMISIA VULGARIS - Violent contractions of pregnant uterus; threatened miscarriage.

ASA FOETIDA (ASAFOETIDA) - Mammae turgid with milk; when not pregnant.


AURUM METALLICUM - During pregnancy : suicidal melancholia; jaundice.

BELLADONNA - Pregnancy, disorders of. Motions of body are generally backward or to and fro; constantly changing emprosthotonos to opisthotonos; boring head into pillow; numbness of fingers; grinding of teeth; moaning; soreness and tenderness of last lumbar vertebrae; flushed face and sore throat. After fright or mental excitement, especially when the flexors are affected and the paroxysms are preceded by numb feeling in muscles, or by a sensation as if a mouse ran over the extremities; dull, heavy, drowsy, stupid; tongue paretic; difficult articulation; violent congestion, throbbing of carotids, dilated pupils, wild look, injected eyes. Reflex chorea from dentition or pregnancy; epidemic chorea

BELLIS PERENNIS - Pregnancy, complaints of. It relieves troubles of pregnancy : inability to walk; varicose veins.

BENZOICUM ACIDUM - Gastric derangements when ascending a height (in a pregnant woman).

BORAX VENETA (BORAX) - During pregnancy, swelling, itching, and burning of vagina, with a discharge like gonorrhoea.

BRYONIA ALBA (BRYONIA) - Pregnancy, morning cough of; sickness of.
Facial eczema has been cured with it in an infant five months old, presenting these additional symptoms : Constipation, peevish, fretful, thirsty, face and lips cracked and sore, child scratched continually. The mother had had a similar eruption for some years, and it disappeared suddenly at the sixth month of her pregnancy.
Epistaxis, esp. just before the beginning of the menses, or in pregnant women, just before the time for the menses to appear. Burning pains in the fundus uteri, during pregnancy, increased by movement, diminished by pressure and repose.

CADMIUM SULPHURATUM - Nausea of pregnancy (Alet.). Gastric symptoms agg. after drinking beer; in forenoon; during pregnancy; in drunkards; after cramps in stomach. Acts well during pregnancy.

CALCAREA ARSENICOSA (CALCAREA ARSENICA) - Diarrhoea at midnight after sweet potatoes. Looseness and colic during pregnancy. During pregnancy, bearing-down, prolapsus vaginae.
In albuminuria cases there is great sensitiveness of the kidney region.
Suited to lymphatic, scrofulous, and tuberculous persons; fat women, approaching the climaxis; fat persons; complaints of drunkards after leaving off alcohol.
It is a chilly medicine, the symptoms being agg. in cold weather; when out of doors.

Pregnancy. When menses continue, still after pregnancy, it cheeks the flow and prevents miscarriage. Like Nux., it also checks vomiting and toothache during pregnancy. Cramps in toes and soles of feet during pregnancy. Cramps and cramplike pains, (during pregnancy); calves, arms, hands, fingers, when stretching legs.

Flatulence in pregnant women.

CALCAREA PHOSPHORICA - Grauvogl considered it the most important remedy in chronic hydrocephalus, and he very properly gave it as a prenatal remedy during pregnancy to women who had previously borne hydrocephalic children.
Pains in navel; sacrum; symphysis pubis; mammae (sore and burning; nipples aching, sore) during pregnancy.

Pregnancy, disorders of.

Pregnancy, disorders of.

Nausea of pregnant females, coming on principally at night; faint and empty sensation in the pit of the stomach is produced by nursing.

Pregnancy, disorders of. Retained placenta, with scanty haemorrhage - just an oozing, with no tendency to a gush of blood ; throughout the whole pregnancy and confinement sluggishness and slowness of pains. Nausea in pregnancy; flatulence; offensiveness; weakness; enlarged veins.

It has been used with success in the vomiting of drunkards; of pregnant women with violent frontal headache. Vomiting of bright's disease; sea-sickness; cancer; pregnancy.

Nausea and vomiting of pregnancy.

Pregnancy, disorders of.
Nash prescribed Caul. 3 for a lady of forty, seven months pregnant, who was attacked with severe pain and swelling of all the finger-joints; wrapping them in mustard was the only thing that relieved her sufficiently to allow her to get sleep.

Pregnancy. Cannot tell when he is urinating, unless he looks, or feels with his hands. After he thinks he is through and lies down, more passes involuntarily. Urging and has to wait a long time for the urine to come; involuntary micturition when coughing, sneezing or blowing nose, in walking, at night when asleep; paralysis of bladder from prolonged retention of urine and overdistension of bladder, during pregnancy. Anaesthesia of urethra.

Pregnancy, vomiting of.
Originally introduced by Sir James Simpson as a remedy for the morning sickness of pregnancy and chronic cases of vomiting, which he supposed to be due to some eruption on the mucous membrane of the stomach, Cer. ox. has fairly maintained its reputation.

Pregnancy, disorders of.
Cham. is particularly suited to diseases of pregnant women, nurses, and and little children.

There is nausea (of pregnancy) with desire for food > by drinking milk.

Nausea and vomiting of pregnancy.

Pruritus during pregnancy. Chorea during pregnancy.

Pregnancy, disorders of. Vomiting of pregnancy. Given before term it renders labours easier; cures sickness of pregnancy, and prevents after-pains and over-sensitiveness. In a case of Tansy poisoning (taken by a pregnant woman in fifth month to procure abortion), with high fever, rheumatic pains, bearing-down sensation, and abdominal soreness, Act. r. promptly relieved after failure of Acon. and Bry. Pregnancy went to term. During pregnancy : nausea; false labour-like pains; sharp pains across abdomen; sleeplessness.

Frequent want to make water, even in pregnant women. Discharge of sanguineous mucus from the uterus, during pregnancy.

Vomiting of pregnancy.

Pregnancy, affections of. Nausea, with cramp-like pains in stomach; with cutting pains in hypogastrium; with constipation during pregnancy. Pruritus vulvae with haemorrhoids; during pregnancy. Pelvic congestion; constipation during pregnancy and in connection with uterine disorders; congestive inertia of the bowels, weight and pressure in rectum, with intense irritation and itching in ano; obstinate constipation with haemorrhoids, stools very sluggish and hard, light-colored, accompanied by pain and flatulence; sensation as of sand in rectum, as if sticks or gravel had lodged in lower part of rectum and anus; extreme tenderness in rectum; prolapsus ani (AEsc. hip.); bowels move more evenings.

Constipation, and evacuations retarded (during pregnancy).

Pregnancy, painful breasts during. In pregnant women where an excessive heartburn comes on, when going to bed at night. Nausea and vomiting during pregnancy. Cough during pregnancy. Tormenting night cough of old people; dry, hacking almost continuous cough; worse on lying down and at night; there is hardly any cough in daytime; paroxysms of cough simulating whooping-cough, caused by unbearable titillation in the pit of the throat, with lisping voice; teasing dry cough, lasting a long time after lying down at night, worse by talking or laughing; hardly any expectoration at night, and difficult, bloody, purulent, offensive expectoration during the day; loose cough, with inability of expectoration; he must swallow what he coughs up (Arn., Caust.); cough relieves the tight feeling in the chest; cannot lie on back or stand long; cough in pregnancy, aggr. at night.

CONVALLARIA MAJALIS - Vomiting (of pregnancy).

Pregnancy, imaginary; affections of. Violent foetal movements, as well as in cases of imaginary pregnancy. The symptoms are agg. fasting; evening and night; during new and full moon; looking fixedly at an object; during pregnancy; in a hot room; in hot weather. Sensation of something living and moving in the abdomen; abdomen swollen; at the change of life and at other times; erroneous idea of pregnancy.

Haemorrhoids : great tendency to bleed, on using paper, on straining a little at stool, or on standing; in pregnant women; with menstrual irregularities; with heart or liver disease; in inebriates.

Vomiting; of pregnancy. Sea-sickness. Vomiting when the menses are absent, giving erroneous impression to be pregnant.

During pregnancy constant nausea, rejects everything; weak, very nervous; pulse quick and feeble; spasmodic uterine pain; tenesmus and dysenteric stools.

Convulsions during pregnancy and puerperal convulsions which begin in the fingers or toes, and spread all over the body; or where there is great restlessness between the attacks, either filling up the entire interval, or only a part of the time.

Pregnancy, sickness of; disorders of. Hiccough during pregnancy. During pregnancy : hiccough; loathing and nausea in mouth and throat; complaints after weaning.

Pregnancy, pyrosis of. Dysmenorrhoea, uterine colic, and after-pains; gastric disorders during pregnancy and the menses. During pregnancy, alternate constipation and relaxation.

Constipation during teething or pregnancy.

Retention and dysuria; especially in women during pregnancy and after confinement.

Euonymin (1x)
Albuminuria of pregnancy with dropsy.

Cystitis in pregnant women from riding over rough roads. Dysuria in a pregnant woman after riding over rough road and taking cold.

In muscles of left side of abdomen, from pelvic bones obliquely downwards, a painful tension like what she formerly felt during pregnancy.

Pregnancy, disorders of. A few weeks after becoming pregnant the woman commences to throw up her food by the mouthful.

During pregnancy cough with ejection of urine; headache during third month. Capillary bronchitis of young children; acute, short, spasmodic and very painful cough, with squirting of urine with each cough (during pregnancy); cough in paroxysms, aggr. at night or during siesta in daytime.

Pregnancy, albuminuria of. Diplopia and dim vision during pregnancy. During pregnancy, violent pains in the uterus, headache, drowsiness, double vision, obscuration of sight, giddiness, pulsation of the carotid arteries, small, slow pulse. Cramps in the abdomen and legs during pregnancy; diplopia; drowsiness; loss of muscular power; convulsions. Pulsation of the carotid arteries (during pregnancy).

During pregnancy headache, congestions of blood to the head and chest.

Pregnancy, vomiting of. Morning nausea and salivation, morning sickness of pregnancy.

Retention from atony; bladder overdistended and paralyzed; involuntary urination; during pregnancy.

Salivation of pregnant women and teething children. Albuminuria during pregnancy; great weakness, drowsiness.

Pregnancy, sickness of. Excoriation of the vulva, and between the thighs. Discharge of blood between the periods, with inflation of the abdomen. Catamenia too long delayed, and diminished. Leucorrhoea, with smarting at the vulva. Cancerous ulcer on the breast, with stinging-burning of the edges, smelling like old cheese. Itching nipples.

Adherent placenta.

Spasms of pregnant women, esp. during parturition.

It should not be given to pregnant women, nor where there is an irritable stomach, history of a previous pelvic inflammation or marked cerebral anaemia.

Pregnancy, disorders of. Uterine hæmorrhage, profuse, bright, gushing, with nausea. Vomiting during pregnancy. Pain from navel to uterus. Menses too early and too profuse.

Pregnancy, morning sickness of. Ipec. (nausea and vomiting of pregnancy with tenderness over stomach, profuse salivation. Morning sickness of pregnancy, vomit sour or bitter; protracted nausea; profuse ropy saliva : tenderness over stomach.

Salivation of pregnancy. Oedema of pregnancy.

Vomiting of pregnant women.

Vomiting of pregnancy. Gastric symptoms are relieved after eating, and the rheumatic symptoms reappear. Vomiting of bright yellow water. Tough, stringy, viscid secretions.

Nervous cough during pregnancy ( Con. ). Frightful imaginings at night (in pregnant women during later months). Frightful imaginings at night, that she has committed some great crime as the murder of her children or husband (during pregnancy). Morning sickness and vomiting during pregnancy. Nervous cough during pregnancy, threatening abortion; the cough dry, hard, and almost incessant. Nervous, dry, hysterical cough of women, esp. if pregnant. Sleeplessness : in anaemic patients, or nervous persons who are exhausted but irritated; from overfulness of cerebral blood-vessels; during convalescence from acute disease; in case of mercurial poisoning; accompanying mental anxiety, hysteria, pregnancy, and general nervous irritability; from sexual excitement.

Pregnancy, disorders of. Nausea during pregnancy. Stitching, pressing proctalgia (during pregnancy). Haemorrhage of pregnant women (clots of coagulated blood). During pregnancy sickness (only during a walk) without vomiting, with feeling as if she could lie down and die; pulsation of arteries, even down to tips of toes; hollow feeling in whole body; heavy broken-down feeling, only with the greatest effort that any exertion can be made; back aches so badly while walking she could lie down in the street; pressing, forcing pains in small of back as if heavy weight came into pelvis, low down; also stitching, pressing proctalgia.

Sensitiveness of hypogastrium to pressure, womb tender (during pregnancy).

Pregnancy : morning sickness with vomiting of white phlegm.

Bloody discharge during pregnancy. Night-pains during pregnancy.

Pregnancy, albuminuria of.

Vomiting of pregnancy, sweetish water with ptyalism; of cholera infantum; incessant vomiting with cadaverous stools; in malignant disease of stomach. Sep. (intermittent menses; outward pressure in genitals; painful coitus; vomiting of pregnancy; red sand in urine, turbid, offensive : but Kre. has menses usually copious, accompanied with difficult hearing, noises and humming and roaring in head, dragging in back > by motion - Sep. agg. from motion - and leucorrhoea is more irritating, even excoriating, smells like green corn; Sep. has not the acridity or the malignancy). Retching, esp. when fasting in morning, as during pregnancy, and sometimes with vomiting of water and of mucus, dryness of nose, heat and pressive pain in forehead, thirst, and coldness in hands and feet. Appearance of menses in third month of pregnancy (blood black, flows in a stream). Nausea during pregnancy; ptyalism; excoriating lochia.

Nausea of pregnancy. Nausea of pregnancy with desire for food and > by drinking milk.

Morning sickness during pregnancy; deathly sickness at stomach on waking; vertigo and waterbrash on rising; constipation.

Nux. m. (cough of pregnancy; Lach., cough at menstrual period when it is going off). Falling off of the hair, esp. during pregnancy, with great aversion to rays of sun. Swelling of feet, agg. after walking (during pregnancy).

Pregnancy, sickness of. Constant nausea; nausea on awaking; before rising; > by eating. This may occur in diabetes; or it may occur in pregnancy. In nausea of pregnancy ( Nux, Puls., Ph. ac., Colch., Lyc., Lac d., Ip.). Copious salivation (pregnancy). During pregnancy : morning sickness; salivation; nausea and vomiting; waterbrash > by breakfast.

Attacks of suffocation, with palpitation and a sort of gasping for breath; must lie down sometimes to find relief (pregnancy).

Morning sickness (of drunkards; of pregnancy). Vomiting, of pregnancy. Sickness (of pregnancy) agg. morning. Nausea and vomiting during pregnancy, with profuse running of water from mouth.

It is of great service in pregnancy (nausea; varices; excessive foetal movements); and in labour (unsatisfactory pains). Diarrhoea (during pregnancy), with earthy colour of the face. Constipation or diarrhoea in pregnant women. Milk in breasts without being pregnant.

Pregnancy, convulsions of; toothache of. Strange notions and apprehensions during pregnancy. Rush of blood to head : while lying down; from chest upward, with toothache; during pregnancy; when rising. Sight of water : agitation; renews idea of pain; causes convulsions (pregnancy). Toothache and other complaints during pregnancy, with internal ebullition of blood from chest to head; head feels as if filled with air to bursting. Abnormal cravings during pregnancy. During pregnancy : strange notions, desires or cravings; rush of blood from chest upward; toothache, backache and other complaints; great sense of bearing down; intense pain from inflammation of os and cervix ; great soreness in lower part of back and bowels.

The sufferings of the pregnant state - neuralgia, toothache, nausea. During pregnancy there is vomiting and toothache. Ratan. (toothache of pregnant women). Toothache of pregnant females.

Pregnancy, nausea of.

Pregnancy, vomiting of. Morning sickness of pregnancy; vomit, greenish yellow, bitter fluid, with burning and sinking at stomach.

Pregnancy, affections of. Prolapsus uteri et vaginae; feels > after coitus. Sterility with too profuse menstruation. Easy coitus and certain conception. Hard swelling in breasts, with pain as from ulceration (at every menstrual period), or with suppuration and actual ulceration; ulcerated nipples. Milk in breasts instead of menses; in breasts of boys or girls. Excoriation of breasts. The infant rejects the milk.

During pregnancy, diarrhoea and prolapsus recti.

Mill. has a very pronounced relation to pregnancy and the puerperal state. Varicose veins in pregnant women have been cured with it. Violent colic, with bloody diarrhoea (during pregnancy). Painless varices of pregnant women.

False pains in last month of pregnancy.

Pregnancy, complaints of. During pregnancy she complains much, but of nothing in particular.

Pregnancy, affections of. Walking is difficult, all joints are weak, during pregnancy. During pregnancy leucorrhoea; sensation of pelvic bones getting loose.

Hypochondriasis; morning retching - Nux, of pregnancy, or after debauch.

Epistaxis, dark-coloured blood comes away in clots by day and night in pregnant woman.

Morning sickness of pregnancy. Vomiting of pregnancy with aversion to bread. Nausea and vomiting during pregnancy; morning sickness with vomiting of frothy, watery phlegm. During pregnancy : dysuria; albuminuria; craves salt; congestion to chest; palpitation; haemorrhoids; cough; escape of urine.

NUX MOSCHATA - Pregnancy, complaints of. In pregnancy, labour, the puerperal state (convulsions, head jerked forward), it has a large sphere. Cough during pregnancy, (Con., of menstrual period, Lach.). Toothache of pregnant women >by warmth. Nausea and vomiting during pregnancy. Rheumatism after getting the feet wet; dry cough, aggr. by the heat of the bed; dry skin; dyspnoea, with feeling of weight in the chest as if it were too narrow, after cold washing; he must swallow the loosened phlegm. Hysterical affections of the air-passages; sudden hoarseness from walking against the wind; dry, barking cough, with sudden loss of breath; hacking cough during pregnancy; excited by scratching in throat, crawling in upper part of windpipe; cough caused by getting warm in bed, standing in water, bathing, getting overheated, living in cold, damp places; loose cough after eating; dry after drinking; sputa dark, slimy, saltish; must swallow the loosened phlegm; especially in pregnancy.

Pregnancy, affections of; spurious. During pregnancy : hiccough; morning sickness; varicose veins; haemorrhoids; false pains. Periodical attacks of vomiting; of food, of sour-smelling mucus, of dark, clotted blood; during pregnancy.

About the fourth month of pregnancy weight and pressure in pelvis and groins so that she could hardly walk. Convulsions.

First diarrhoea, then hard, difficult stools; during pregnancy.

Pregnancy, sickness of. Nausea : with bitter, clammy taste; in morning, as in pregnancy.

Prolapsus uteri from fright. Severe labour-like pains in uterus; with urging to stool; > bending double (and by warmth). Puerperal spasm, during and after parturition with loss of consciousness and drowsiness or coma between the paroxysms. Violent movements of the foetus.

Pregnancy, sickness of. During pregnancy, nausea and painful vomiting; a tormenting, cramp-like feeling between pit of stomach and navel; sour taste, heartburn, and waterbrash.

Pregnant animals drop their offspring prematurely. Loss of power to control movements of limbs.

Given to pregnant women for febrile conditions, it has caused abortion and premature delivery.

Nausea of pregnancy, Coccul., Sep. Nausea and vomiting of pregnant women. During pregnancy diarrhoea and vomiting.

Pregnancy, diarrhoea of; nausea of. The menses are excessive and premature; debility from lactation. Nausea at sight of food, especially during pregnancy (Eu. perf.), at sight of food (Colch., Lyc., Mosch., Phos. ac., Saba., Spi.); at smell of food (Colch., Eu. perf. ). Dysuria during pregnancy; cutting pains. Vomiting at sight of food during pregnancy.

Jaundice; malignant; of pregnancy; of anaemia. Pregnancy, vomiting of. During pregnancy the sight of water causes vomiting. Discharge of blood from uterus during pregnancy. Tearings and shootings in feet, esp. at night in pregnancy.

Miscarriage; the uterus could be felt contracting under the hand; involuntary straining and haemorrhage from the vagina; intense griping pain in small of back and cramps in legs coming and going suddenly, coldness and withered appearance of extremities, whole body cold.
Soreness and pain in right hypochondrium (during pregnancy). Threatened miscarriage; bearing-down pains; involuntary straining and haemorrhage per vaginum, seventh month of pregnancy.

Constant dreams; dreamt that she was pregnant.

Pilocarpinum Muriaticum
Pregnancy, nausea of; salivation of. Violent convulsions the night after a long walk and exposure whilst perspiring.

Pinus Lambertina
It has also an action on the menstrual function, restoring menses when suppressed; and producing abortion in pregnant women.

The stools of Plat. are tenacious and sticky, adhere to the rectum and anus like putty; or they may be hard as if burnt; the constipation comes on whilst travelling; in emigrants; during pregnancy.

During pregnancy cannot pass urine, from lack of sensation; or from paralysis. Obstructed bowels during pregnancy.

Vomiting of pregnancy; swelling of labia; severe after-pains with strong bearing-down sensation; haemorrhoids and prolapsus recti after confinement. A peculiar symptom of pregnancy indicating Pod. is : "Can lie comfortably only on stomach (early months). Sensation as if intestines were falling down. Vomiting : of milk in infants, with protrusion of anus; of food with putrid taste and odour; of thick bile and blood; of hot, frothy mucus; with congestion of pelvic viscera during pregnancy. Small stools, yellow, watery, coming after meals with sick feeling, in pregnancy. - Numb aching in left ovary; heat down thigh; third month of pregnancy. During pregnancy : swelling of labia; can lie comfortably only on stomach, early months; excessive vomiting.

Bac. is the acute of Pso., after Lact. ac. in vomiting of pregnancy; after Arn. in blow on ovary; Sul. after Pso. in mammary cancer. During pregnancy : congestion; foetus moves too violently; tympanites; nausea, vomiting; obstinate cases.

In the female Puls. ranges from puberty to the climacteric, including disorders of menstruation, pregnancy, the puerperium and lactation. Aching, burning and cutting pains in vesical region; after urinating, spasmodic pains in neck of bladder, extending to pelvis and thighs; scanty, red-brown urine with brick-colored sediment; retention with redness, soreness and heat in bladder, cannot retain the urine, which passes in drops when sitting or walking; vesical symptoms accompanying pregnancy or after exposure to cold. Pregnancy; bladder trouble of; sickness of; heartburn of; diarrhoea of.
Sandy hair, blue eyes, pale face, easily moved to laughter or tears; affectionate, mild, timid, gentle, yielding disposition; women and children; women inclined to be fleshy; the pregnant state. Morning sickness (during pregnancy). Pain in epigastrium, which is greatly agg. when sitting (during pregnancy). Colic and labour-like pains in pregnant women. False pregnancy. During pregnancy : nausea, morning sickness; varicose veins, bluish, agg. towards evening. Varicose veins, even when inflamed, esp. when blue, particularly in pregnant females; feel more comfortable when walking about.

Hemeralopia cured with R. bulb. in a woman during pregnancy, and in her three-year old son.

Pregnancy, toothache of. Toothache in pregnancy, Rat., Mag. c. Toothache agg. during pregnancy; evening; lying down; > walking about.

Toothache of pregnancy compelling the patient to get up at night and walk about. Tasteless water collects in mouth, and Rat. both causes and prevents abortion, metrorrhagia and leucorrhoea. Toothache of pregnancy, Rap., Mg. c., Cham.
Menses suppressed, with swelling of abdomen and breasts, simulating a pregnancy of several months, accompanied by profuse leucorrhoea and constant pain in kidneys.

Great remedy of sucklings and children, especially during dentition, to whom as well as to pregnant and nursing women it is particularly suited. Bearing down in uterine region while standing. Drawing burning in left ovarian region. Urinary complaints after abortion. Milk yellow, bitter. Diarrhoea after confinement. Stitches in nipples.

Discharge of blood during pregnancy.

The Rx. c. cough causes expulsion of urine; and it may even cause expulsion of the foetus in pregnant women. Cough caused by an incessant tickling in throat-pit, which tickling runs down to the bifurcation of the bronchial tubes; touching the throat, brings on the cough; by covering up all the body and head with the bed-clothes there is no cough. While undressing, and for some time after, considerable itching of surface of lower limbs. The flatulence and rumbling of Rx. c. are well marked, it is the best general remedy for the painless but annoying borborygmi frequently complained of by women.

In large doses it causes violent gastric pains, excessive and sometimes bloody vomiting, profuse salivation and swelling of the tongue, great prostration, confusion of mind, convulsive twitchings, in pregnant women, abortion.

Dyspepsia; of pregnancy. Imaginary diseases : imagines parts shrunken; if there is distension from flatus imagines she is pregnant. Saba. corresponds to many forms of indigestion, including that incident to pregnancy.

It produces fig-warts with itching and burning of the external genitals, phimosis of the male, swelling of the dorsum of the penis, gonorrhoea; in the female uterine haemorrhages, and in the case of pregnant women, abortion.

Pregnancy, affections during.

Dropsy; during pregnancy. Pregnancy, sickness of; dropsy of. When taken by a pregnant woman, Sanic. has caused premature closing of sutures and fontanelles prior to birth. During pregnancy : swelling of lower limbs at third month, agg. evening; swelling and stiffness of hands and feet, particularly of left side during pregnancy; feet pit on pressure; sad, tearful disposition; after standing, sensation that the os uteri is opening or dilating, with drawing at inside of thighs.

Small-pox cured during pregnancy, delivery being happily accomplished during her convalescence, the infant bearing on its body numerous red blotches, indicating that it had been affected with the disease.

Pregnancy, false pains of. Discharge of blood during pregnancy.

Dysmenorrhoea, abortion at the second month of pregnancy. Nausea on rising; morning sickness of pregnancy.

Pregnancy, disorders of; vomiting of. Women during pregnancy, in childbed and while nursing. Sinking is common in pregnancy; Sep. corresponds to many of the troublesome affections of the pregnant state; morning sickness, vomiting of food and bile in morning; of milky fluid; strains so that blood comes up.
Constipation during pregnancy. Toothache; stinging, pulsating, extending into ear during pregnancy, with shortness of breath, with swelled face and swelling of submaxillary glands, agg. from every cold draught of air, when touching teeth and when talking. Vomiting of bile and food during pregnancy; straining so hard that blood comes up. Vomiting of milky serum (in pregnant women). Soreness of abdomen in pregnant women. Constipation during pregnancy. Metrorrhagia; during climaxis or during pregnancy. During pregnancy yellow brown spots on face.
An all-gone feeling in rectum, inability to expel faeces or to strain at stool, with sensation of a ball in rectum; constipation of females, with pain and pressure in iliac regions, from uterine or abdominal congestion; constipation during pregnancy; constant full feeling, as of a weight in rectum, even after a stool, with darting pains up rectum. Stool hard, knotty, difficult, a little of mucous-covered faeces is discharged off and on, but gives no satisfaction; prolapsus recti; soreness between buttocks; painful sensation of emptiness in pit of stomach; aggr. from milk or fat pork; amel. to draw up limbs, when walking quickly, drinking cold water; hypochondriasis with aversion to family and to household duties.

Amblyopia from abuse of stimulants in nervous, sensitive persons; day-blindness, with sudden appearance of furuncles; daylight dazzles eyes; occasional lightning-like flashes in eyes and a feeling as if something obscured vision, with nervous sensations in head; a persistent black speck before eye; momentary loss of sight, with uterine affections, pregnancy, lactation; dim vision after suppressed foot-sweats, after diphtheria.

Sinapis alba
Pregnancy, dyspepsia of; sore mouth of.

Severe nausea of pregnancy.

Pregnancy, nausea of. Nausea of sea-sickness.

During pregnancy : mania; faceache; is full of strange fancies.

Pregnancy, disorders of. Morning sickness of pregnancy not amounting to vomiting, faint, sickish spells forenoon, profuse salivation, taste of which causes nausea; aversion to meat; craves beer or brandy. Haemorrhoids during pregnancy and in childbed.

Pregnancy, sickness of. Nausea and vomiting during pregnancy; never vomited food, but could not eat because of increased distress in stomach and vomiting of mucus.

Pregnancy, sickness of. Morning sickness during pregnancy. Three months pregnancy, deathly nausea, with vomiting and retching so prolonged and violent as to produce haematemesis.

Pregnancy, pruritus of; sickness of; toothache of. In cases of cholera, sea-sickness, sickness of pregnancy, renal colic, strangulated hernia, and c., the keynote symptoms are : deathly nausea, pallor, coldness; icy cold surface, covered with cold sweat; vomiting violent, as soon as he began to move, > on deck and in fresh air. < Morning : vomiting; diarrhoea; sickness of pregnancy; cramps in fingers. Morning sickness of pregnancy; nausea and vomiting, patient dreads least movement. During pregnancy, insupportable pruritus over whole body, pyrosis, toothache, and other gastric symptoms.

Pregnancy. Mixed tonic and clonic convulsions, frothing at the mouth, clenched hands, thumbs turned in, followed by exhaustion and a short coma. Abortion in early months of pregnancy. Large abscess of the labium majus.

Disorders of pregnancy. Disorders of pregnancy.

Neuralgia during pregnancy.

Pregnancy, sickness of. This forms the indication in many cases of seasickness, or sickness of pregnancy.

Pregnancy, imaginary. Bright red or clotted blood with bearing down in third month of pregnancy. During pregnancy child moves so violently it wakens her, causing cutting in bladder with urging to urinate; pains in left sacro-iliac articulation, running into groin.

Albuminuria; of pregnancy. Eclampsia of pregnancy.

It had been observed that pregnant animals feeding on maize affected with smut were very liable to abort.

Nash cured with it a severe case of sciatica in a pregnant woman on the symptom, "pain agg. standing and letting the foot rest on the floor."

Pregnancy, imaginary. Imagines she is pregnant and will soon be delivered; nymphomania; puerperal mania; mania for kissing everybody have been cured by Ver. Peculiar Sensations are : As if pregnant or in throes of child-birth. Mental alienation and insanity, with singing, whistling, laughing, inclination to run from place to place, extravagant and haughty ideas and actions, or else a disposition to ascribe to one's self diseases which are altogether imaginary (thinks herself pregnant, or that she will be delivered soon). During pregnancy wants to wander about the house; taciturn; haughty; thirsty; hard faeces, inactive rectum. Vomiting of pregnancy.

Vomiting during pregnancy.

Cough, of pregnancy. Cramps in abdomen and legs of pregnant women. Cough during second month of pregnancy; agg. night and morning and on lying down; urine spurting out when coughing. Cramps in legs in pregnant women. Cramps and contractions of limbs, esp. during pregnancy.

Virburnum prunifolium
Frequent pregnancies and haemorrhages, impairing health. It entirely antidotes the effect of Gossyp., which is much used for procuring abortion. Vib. p. taken regularly completely neutralises this. It is particularly valuable in preventing abortion and miscarriage, whether habitual or otherwise; whether threatened from accidental causes or criminal drugging. Given during whole pregnancy, gave birth to a large boy.

During pregnancy, dyspnoea.

A woman, married for several years, became pregnant for the first time. Miscarriage, that had taken place several times, was avoided.

Ovarian pain : with scanty and retarded menses; extending down genito-crural nerves; and sacral pains during pregnancy.

Varicosis; during pregnancy; of external genitals. Vomiting : as soon as first spoonful of liquid reaches stomach; of pregnancy; easy, of watery bile, followed by great relief; acrid, causing burning on face and rawness in throat; almost continuous. Cutting upward in left iliac region, in paroxysms; in a pregnant woman. Varices during pregnancy; stagnation of blood in left leg.


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  The body mass index (BMI) is a statistical measure of the weight of a person scaled according to height. BMI is calculated as the individual's body weight divided by the square of their height.

BMI is frequently used to assess how much an individual's body weight departs from what is normal or desirable for a person of his or her height. The excess weight or deficiency may, in part, be accounted for by body fat although other factors such as muscularity also affect BMI.
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