WARTS (verruca)

WARTS (verruca)

WARTS (verruca)

All the dieases are mere Permutations and Combinations of PSORA , SYCOSIS and SYPHILIS miasms in different proportions. Homoeopathy (homeopathy) is a therapeutics, able to restore health and well-being (mental and physical), by correcting the disturbed vital (metabolic) processes, that lie at the core of all illnesses. We may gradually and permanently overcome chronic (having tendency to run life-long if not cured) ailments that have not yielded to any other therapeutic approach.

A wart (verruca) is generally a small, rough tumor, that can resemble a cauliflower or a solid blister. Warts are common, and are caused by a viral infection, specifically by the human papillomavirus (HPV) and are contagious when in contact with the skin of an infected person. It is also possible to get warts from using handtowels or other objects used by an infected person. They may disappear , can last for years and can recur. Warts can appear nearly anywhere on the body and they differ in appearance, size, and shape. Warts are often treated locally. Cauterization (burning the warts) by dermatologists. All such measures, are temporary; and the warts often reappear after some time. In Homoeopathy the medicines are to be taken orally and there is no local application. Homeopathy treats the ailment from within, and permanently. The duration of treatment varies from patient to patient. Homoeopathic treatment is safe and harmless and may be taken along with any other medicines, if required.


ALCOHOLUS - On the nose and other parts of the face, warts and eruptions appear, of different colors and sizes.

ALLIUM CEPA - A wart between the left shoulder and side of neck begins to pain.

AMBRA GRISEA - Soreness of a wart on the finger.

AMMONIUM CARBONICUM - The warts become inflamed.

ANACARDIUM ORIENTALE-Warts on palms of hands (Nat. m.).  The hands, even the palms of the hands, are covered with warts.

ANANTHERUM MURICATUM - Growths like warts and lupia on the eyebrows.

ANTIMONIUM CRUDUM-Disposition to abnormal growths of the skin; fingernails do not grow rapidly; crushed nails grow in splits like warts with horny spots.

ARGENTUM NITRICUM- Troublesome tension and prickling of the palate; wart-shaped excrescence  impeding deglutition.

BERBERIS VULGARIS - Wart on the back of the first phalanx of the right index finger . In the ball of the right hand, superficial semi-transparent small warts. Wart on the outer surface of the third phalanx of the right middle finger, slightly itching.

BOVISTA LYCOPERDON - Previously existing wart developing a red point, suppurating.

BUFO RANA - Warty excrescences on the ears. Warts, mostly on the backs of the hands.

CALCAREA CARBONICA - Many very small warts here and there. Wart in the bend of the elbow.

CARBO ANIMALIS - Itching in the warts of the fingers.

CAUSTICUM - Warts : large, jagged, often pendunculated; bleeding easily; exuding moisture; small, all over the body; on eyelids, face; on the nose. An eruption of pimples on the index finger, which become warts.

CINNABARIS - Warts here and there on the prepuce, which bleed when touched.

CONIUM MACULATUM - Drawing pain in an old wart on the upper lip.

CUBEBA OFFICINALIS - Warts and callosities.

CUNDURANGO - Small, congenital, warty excrescences looking red and fresh.

DULCAMARA - Warts, fleshy, large, smooth; on face or back of hands and fingers (Thuja).  Warts cover the hands.

EUPHORBIUM OFFICINARUM : Wart near the external canthus of the eye.

FERRUM MAGNETICUM - Many small warts on the back of the left hand and the wrist.

FLUORICUM ACIDUM - Several small light carmine-red, round, elevated, blood-vesicles, resembling little flesh-warts. Soreness of warts on the left hand.

HEPAR SULPHUR - The warts become inflamed, with sticking in them, as though they would suppurate.

JUNCUS EFFUSUS - He dreams that his abdomen is covered with warts and ulcers, to which he is indifferent.

KALIUM CARBONICUM - Wart on the face,  itching.

KISSINGEN AQUA - Wart on the finger.

LAC CANINUM - Warts on little finger.

LACHESIS MUTUS - Warty elevation on the back of the left middle finger. Flat warts on the outer side on the left thumb.

LIMULUS CYCLOPS - Small brownish spots on the backs of both hands.

LYCOPODIUM CLAVATUM - The tip of the tongue seems covered with red warts, which burn when touched; near the tip there is a small, flat, oval ulcer. Warts appear on the hands.

MEDORRHINUM - Sycotic warts. Warts  all over glans, back of corona, inside of prepuce and frenum; enormous seed warts;  warts very moist, secrete a yellowish, stinking fluid, and bleed very easily, odor perceptible in a room with him. Small, pedunculated warts, with pin heads like small button mushrooms on various parts of body and thighs.

MEZEREUM - Dream that his back was covered with warts and excrescences.

NATRIUM CARBONICUM - The commencement of warts. Warts begin to bleed, grow larger. The warts begin to pain on slight pressure.

NATIRUM MURIATICUM - Warts on palms of hands (sore to touch, Nat. c.).  Warts on the palms, with pain on pressure. Smarting pain in the old warts.

NITRICUM ACIDUM - Warts, condylomata : sycotic or syphilitic; large, jagged, pedunculated; bleeding readily on washing; moist, oozing; sticking pain (Staph., Thuja). Congenital growth on the abdomen (like a wart) becomes sensitive, sore, and scabby. Warts on the middle of the sternum. Small warts appear on the neck. A small wart, together with a pimple, on the upper lid. Itching in the warts. Sticking and picking in the warts. Smarting pain in wart, wart on the upper lip; bleeding on washing, painful on touch.

PETROLEUM - Picking in a wart on the finger, in the evening, in bed; the warts when touched are very sore. Burning pain in the warts on the fingers, as if they would suppurate. Stiffness of fingers and arms.

PHELLANDRIUM AQUATICUM - A pimple, like a wart, on the right side of the neck, without sensation.

PHOSPHORUS - Warts on the hands. Burning in a wart, as in a suppurating wound, in the evening, after lying down. Wart on the forehead , itching.

PSORINUM - Small warts size of pin's head on left hand. Warts on the face, the lower arm, the hands, etc. Small warts on hand; corns between toes; tearing in knee. Pain as from an ulcer in left ear; right ear a pimple, like a wart. On the fingers of the left hand, several small warts of the size of a pin's head. It reproduced a large quantity of small warts, which he had years ago on the left hand (observed on a herpetic patient).


RUTA GRAVEOLENS - Warts : with sore pains; flat, smooth on palms of hands (Nat. c., Nat. m.-on back of hands, Dul.).

SABINA - Fig warts with intolerable itching and burning; exuberant granulations (Thuja, Nit. ac.).


SEPIA OFFICINALIS - Wart on the outer side of the hand.

SPIGELIA ANTHELMIA - Wart on the second left toe. Wart leaving white scar.

STAPHISAGRIA - Fig-warts : dry, pediculated, cauliflower-like; after abuse of mercury (Nit. ac., Sab., Thuja).

SULPHUR -Inside of the upper lip, near the right commissure of the mouth, a small painless pedunculated wart. Creeping and flying shooting in a wart; its horny surface easily detached.

SYPHILINUM - Enlargement of cervical glands and a number of pedunculated pin-head warts on neck.

THUJA OCCIDENTALIS - Thuja bears the same relation to the sycosis of Hahnemann- fig warts, condylomata and wart-like excrescences upon mucous and cutaneous surfaces - that Sulphur does to psora or Mercury to syphilis. Eyes : ophthalmia neonatorum, sycotic or syphilitic; large granulations, like warts or blisters; > by warmth and covering; if uncovered, feels as if a cold stream of air were blowing out through them. Anus fissured, painful to touch, surrounded with flat warts, or moist mucous condylomata. Skin : looks dirty; brown or brownish-white spots here and there; warts, large, seedy, pedunculated (Staph.); eruptions only on covered parts, burn after scratching. Cinnab. is preferable for warts on the prepuce.

X-RAY - Skin between the warty growths exhibits marked telangiectasis, is considerably thickened, and is tied down to the subjacent tissues. The bases of some of the larger warts become inflamed, and the thickened mass may come away, leaving an ulcer which takes months to heal. Warts near knuckle of left index finger, second joint.


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