Glaucoma, Symptoms And Treatments

Glaucoma, Symptoms And Treatments

Glaucoma, Symptoms and Treatments

Areca catechu
Serviceable in glaucoma.

Severe pains of glaucoma.

Bryonia alba
Glaucoma. Eyeball feels full, as if pressed out, with sharp shooting pains in eye and head, agg at night.

Glaucoma. Severe ciliary neuralgia, distinctly periodical. Glaucoma. Iritis. Choroiditis.

Cocainum hydrochloricum
Glaucoma, increased tension, decreased corneal sensibility.

Cocculus indicus
Rheumatic glaucoma, with venous hyperaemia, dilated pupils, insensibility to light, haziness of lens and vitreous, severe pain in and around eyes; iritis, with corneal and scleral complications, pupils irregular and contracted, blue borders around cornea, photophobia, no lachrymation, tearing pains in brow and left side of head.

Colchicum autumnale
Soft cataract, glaucoma.

Violent pain in eyeballs which precede the development of glaucoma. It has been of service in the relief of the pains that attend iritis and glaucoma, when the pain is spasmodic and is relieved by heat and pressure.

Comocladia dentata
Glaucoma, sense of fullness; eyeball feels too large.

Crocus sativus
Threatened glaucoma; embolism of arteria centralis retinal.

Crotalus horridus
Diplopia; glaucoma.

Through its power of contracting the pupil it is of service in adhesions of the iris, it reduces redness, intraocular tension in conjunctival inflammation where perforating ulcer is threatened and in glaucoma and asthenopia.

Gelsemium sempervirens
Detached retina, glaucoma and descemetitis.

Gridelia robusta

Its beneficial effects have been observed in iridocyclitis in plastic, traumatic and rheumatic iritis, in simple glaucoma, optic neuritis, retinal haemorrhages, detachment of the retina.

Kalium iodatum
Incipient glaucoma in syphilitic subjects; dull, discolored state of iris; burning in eyes, lachrymation, dilated pupils, amaurotic symptoms.

Lac caninum
When looking in a mirror by gaslight, after exerting eyes, sees a green spot or a green band before her left eye, the band slanting downward from left eye to right cheek. Glaucoma.

Magnesium phosphoricum

Natrum muriaticum

Osmium metallicum
True glaucoma of the eyes is produced and cured. Glaucoma, with violent pains and lachrymation, pains above and below the eyes, candlelight surrounded by a rainbow circle of green colors especially predominating. Glaucoma; with iridescent vision. Weakness of sight, could not tell night from day. Glaucoma.

Glaucoma. It has arrested cataract and glaucoma, and cured retinitis albuminuria from suppressed menses. - Eyes sore to touch and feel full.

Physostigma venenosum
Glaucoma. In glaucoma it has been used with signal success to diminish intraocular tension; and especially when glaucoma has been the result of injury.


Plumbum metallicum
Glaucoma, especially if secondary to spinal lesion.

Prunus spin's
Glaucoma. The pains in and around the eye, glaucoma, ciliary neuralgia, choroido-retinitis, irido-choroiditis, irido-cyclitis. Glaucoma (Caust. ).Glaucoma; pain severe, crushing in eye as if pressed asunder, or sharp shooting through eye and corresponding side of head; aqueous and vitreous humor hazy; fundus hyperaemic.

Saponaria officinalis
Glaucoma, especially if secondary to spinal lesion.

Spigelia anthelmia
Glaucoma. In the eye, neuralgias, inflammation, amaurotic conditions, glaucoma presenting the symptoms of Spi. have been cured with it.

Glaucoma. Sensation of a veil before the eyes, and dim vision for near and distant objects. Dimness of vision; gas or lamp light appear to be surrounded with a halo.

Wiesbaden aqua

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