Fibroids, Symptoms And Treatments

Fibroids, Symptoms And Treatments

Fibroids, Symptoms and Treatments

Arsenicum iodatum
Fibroid degeneration of the heart and arteries.

The heart's action is weak, exercise causing a fluttering sensation which will continue but a short time, when the heart will appear to stop beating and then start suddenly, causing a faint feeling. The pulse is intermittent, but full and compressible. At times there is great pain in the uterine region. dyspnoea accompanying emphysema and fibroid phthisis, orthopnoea, the result of disease of the mitral valve. Dyspnoea < moving, there is faintness with palpitation of the heart and the desire to take a deep breath. Dose - One or two drops of Q.

Fraxinus americana
Uterine tumours, especially fibroids, with bearing-down sensations. Fibroid tumours.

Hydrastininum muriaticum
Uterine fibroid, pressing on the bladder, causing bladder symptoms.

Hydrastis canadensis
Uterine haemorrhage; menorrhagia and metrorrhagia, with fibroid tumours; at menopause.

Cooper cured an immense uterine fibroid where persistent painful irritation of the skin with constant retching and vomiting, made worse by eating, constituted the prominent symptom.

Kalium bromatum
A number of cases of ovarian cyst have disappeared under its action, also fibroids and fatty tumours.
Uterine fibroids.

Kalium iodatum
Uterine fibroids, pain in right inguinal region on exertion, spirits depressed, tinnitus like buzzing of flies, constant tired, sleepy feeling down the limbs, hot burning feet, though sometimes intense shivering all over, pains in the breasts, which are tender, unable to go long without food, constant distension as from flatus, sinking at scrobiculus cordis at 11 a.m. , sleep dreamy.

Lachnanthes tinctoria
Fibroid phthisis of both lungs, collapse of right lower lobe.

Lilium tigrinum
Uterine fibroid presenting the characteristic symptoms of the remedy.

For women, with chronic ovaritis, salpingitis, pelvic cellulitis, fibroids, cysts, and other morbid growths of the uterus and ovaries, especially if symptoms point to malignancy, with or without sycotic origin.

Mercurius iodatus ruber
Stony hardness of fibroid tumour.

Onosmodium virginianum
Uterine fibroids ; severe uterine cramps.

Terebinthinae oleum
Fibroids; bloody leucorrhoea; burning in uterus; menorrhagia, black blood.

Teucrium marum verum
Fibrous tumour of the eyelid; urethral granulations following gonorrhoea; uterine fibroids.

Thlaspi bursa pastoris
Haemorrhages : with violent uterine colic and cramps; consequent on abortion; at critical age; with cancer of cervix; or fibroids.

Trillium pendulum
In haemorrhage, ante-partum, post-partum, and climacteric, in fibroid tumours, and in haemorrhages of all kinds. Haemorrhages from fibroid tumours.

Vinca minor
Passive uterine haemorrhage from fibroid tumour.

Vipera berus
Uterine fibroid.

Xanthoxylum fraxineum
Uterine fibroid.

Subserous or interstitial fibroid of uterus. Fibroids and induration of os. Fibroid degeneration of the lung, with inflammation and haemorrhage; commencing cavity. Uterine fibroids.


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