Numbness and tingling in all parts.Skin dry, burning hot, intense thirst for cold water, red face sometimes changing to pale.Cannot bear the pain, or to be touched, or to be uncovered.Numbness of the left arm, can scarcely move the head.Predicts the day she is to die, especially in pregnancy or child-bed.From rising up the red face turns deadly pale.Heat with thirst, hard full frequent pulse, anxious impatience, inappeasable, beside himself tossing about with agony.Violent inflammation of the incarcerated hernia;burning pains (as from hot coals) in abdomen , extreme sensitiveness to contact; nausea, bitter bilious vomiting; anguish and cold sweat.
Dread of death when alone, or on going to bed; great restlessness and utter prostration.Unquenchable, burning thirst, drinks often, but little at a time; water disagrees.Disordered stomach after eating fruit or ice cream.
Oppression of breathing, prostration and other ailments from walking fast, or ascending a height.Burning pains, especially in inner organs, skin and ulcers, relieved by heat.Bran-like, dry, scaly eruptions, with itching and burning, the latter increased by scratching, followed by bleeding.Suffering worse after midnight.Poisoning from decayed or morbid animal matter, by innoculation, inhalation or swallowing.
Violent burning pains in stomach and abdomen with intolerable anguish.Black stools, thin and watery, with great prostration.Hard bloated abdomen ; burning pain with anguish;sensation of coldness in upper part of abdomen; constant vomiting; great anguish, restlessness, tossing about, feeling as if the intestines became twisted; GANGRENE OF THE HERNIAL TUMOUR.
Great anguish and restlessness, driving from place to place.
Great prostration (sometimes sudden), sinking of vital forces.
Intense burning sensations.
Intense thirst, drinks often but little at a time ; cold water disagrees.
Dyspnœa, or difficult breathing on motion, especially on ascending an eminence.
Vomiting and stool simultaneously, < after eating or drinking.
Modalities, < in cold air, from cold things, cold applications and 1 to 3 A. M. > in warm air or room and hot applications to affected parts.
Very melancholy with disgust for life; suicidal tendency.Objects appear as if divided horizontally; can only see lower half upper half as if covered with a dark body.Deep ulcers affecting the bones, after the abuse of mercury.
Caries of the nasal, palatine, mastoid and osicular bones.
Pressure in abdominal ring as if hernia would protrude while sitting; protrusion of inguinal hernia, with great cramplike pains; INGUINAL HERNIA OF CHILDREN, umblical hernia of children, caused by crying.
Fear of imaginary things, wants to run away from them.Vertigo when stooping, or when rising after stooping falling to the left or backwards, with vanishing of sight and flickering before the eyes.Intense throbbing headache, worse from noise light or jarring, and from leaning forward, better when bending backward.Face glowing red, hot and swollen.Pains, particularly in the abdomen and pelvis, come on suddenly, continue violently a longer or shorter time, and disappear as suddenly as they came.Tenderness of the abdomen is aggravated by the least jar of the bed or the chair on which she sits. She is obliged in walking to step with great care for fear of a jar.Peritonitis and other inflammation, of the abdominal viscera, characterized by great distension, and sensitiveness to touch and motion; extreme pungent heat and violent pain.Pulse accelerated, full and bounding, violent throbbing of the carotid and temporal.Wants to sleep but cannot.Takes cold in every draft of air, especially when uncovering the head, complains from having the hair out.Usually worse after 3 p. m., and again after midnight.
Constriction of abdomen around the navel, as if a lump or a ball would form there; feeling as if a hard body pressed from within outward at right inguinal ring, the part not feeling hard to touch while sitting with the body bent forward; distention of abdomen, neither hard nor painful; colic, as if a spot in abdomen were seized by nails; intense local inflammation.
Dread of downward motion, as in a swing, cradle, etc.Apthae on the tongue, in the mouth, inside of cheeks, with great dryness of the mouth; child cries when nursing.Hot urine in infants, child dreads to urinate and screams before each passage.
Infantile hernia; the child dreads a downward motion, is frightened by every little noise; does not thrive; brown watery diarrhoea.
Very irritable, inclined to be angry.Sensation in bed as if he were sinking deep down.Headache from ironing, or from washing the perspiring face in cold water.Parched and dry lips, likes to moisten them often, mouth dry and thirsty for cold water.Delirium about his business, worse at night, after 3. - a.m.Anxiety about his business, worse at night, not the where-withal to live.Frequent drinking of cold water relieves the bitter taste and the inclination to vomit.Desire for things immediately, which when offered, are refused.Sitting up in bed causes nausea and fainting.Gastric affections, dry mouth and tongue, tongue coated white, giddy when stooping or rising, forehead heavy, taste bitter, food lies heavy, pit of stomach sore to touch, constipation, etc.Constipation, stools hard and dry as if burnt.Coming into warm room from cold air excites cough.Joints red, swollen, stiff, with stitching pains from slightest motion.Dropsical swellings increase during the day diminish during the night.
Complaints when warm weather sets in after cold days.Sharp stitching pains in the chest, cannot ham to move or draw a deep breath.Sore, bruised pain in muscles of nape as from taking cold, also in lumbar region or small of back.
Hard swelling of hypochondria and around navel;painful twisting around umblicus, with stitches; constipation.
Head too large, fontanelles not closing.Itching of the scalp, children scratch their heads when their sleep is disturbed or they are awakened.In teething children milk disagrees, may be vomited in curds, or pass the bowels in the same manner.Difficult dentition with little children. Sour taste in the mouth or of the food, sour vomiting, especially during dentition, also sour diarrhoea.Pit of the stomach swollen, like a saucer turned bottom up.Menses several days too early and too copious.Chronic rheumatism and other troubles caused by working in water.Feet constantly cold and damp, as if she had on cold damp stockings.Tendency in children and young persons to grow very fat.Very sensitive to the least cold air, which goes right through her.Weak and sick for several days after coition.Especially indicated in fair, plump children, those of a leuco-phlegmatic temperament.
Infantile hernia;considerable distention of abdomen, with colic; constant gurgling in abdomen; open fontanelles, perspires about head when sleeping.
Head painfully sensitive to pressure, especially of the hat; sensation remains after hat is taken off, as if bound up with a cloth.Gums painfully sensitive while chewing.A version to meat, fat and milk which cause flatulency. Excessive flatulence, abdomen full to bursting; worse from least food; better from eructations and passing flatus. Violent, almost constant, empty, sour and rancid eructations. Burning in the chest as from glowing coals, with rawness and soreness.Vital forces nearly exhausted, cold surface, especially from knees to feet; lies as if dead, breath cool; pulse intermittent, thready; cold sweat on limbs. Ailments from quinine, especially suppressed chills and fever; from abuse of mercury, from salt and meats, from putrid meat or fish or rancid fats. Desire to be fanned, must have more air. Vertigo, must hold onto something; when stooping; also from flatulence. Morning leuchorrhoea, milky, acid and excoriating the parts.
Great anxiety, with uneasiness in abdomen; meteorism, with loud rumbling, foetid or odorless flatus; clothing oppresses, can hardly be endured; abdomen feels as if hanging heavily; walks bent; foulness of parts as if strangulated.
Copious watery discharge from the nose, and watering of the eyes. Constant sneezing, with profuse acrid coryza; worse when coming into a warm room; better in the open air.
Ppressure in left inguinal ring; hernia in left groin most protruded and strangulated; restlessness and fever.
Anxiety as if she had committed a great crime, startles easily. Very sensitive mood, everything worries her. Choking constriction in upper part of throat, which impedes breathing and provokes cough. Excessive nausea and other affections caused by the motion of a carriage, swing or ship. During the menses so weak that can scarcely stand or talk. Intolerance of open air whether cold or warm. Hysteria and other nervous troubles arising from over anxiety, night watching and consequent loss of sleep. Sensation of hollowness in one or more cavities of the body, especially the abdomen.
Rupture worse on right side, fullness in groinwith sensation as if all would give way there; feeling of laceration in intestines; distention of abdomen; painful inclination to hernia, especially after rising from sitting; protrusion takes place slowly as if from paralytic state of abdominal ring; umblical hernia; incarcerated hernia; vomiting with bruised pain in intestines, great weakness and inability to stand; stuborn constipation; after failure of Nux vom.
Great mental activity, full of ideas, quick to act, no sleep on this account. Pains seem insupportable, driving to despair. All senses more acute, read fine print easier, bearing, smell, taste, and touch acute, particularly increased perception of slight passive motions. One-sided headache as from a nail driven into the parietal bone, worse in the open air. Ice, or ice-cold water is the only thing lessening his violent toothache, so long as touching it. Would like to scratch or rub the part, but it is too sensitive.In nervous persons, chill worse on movement, external dry beat, internal chilliness. Sleepless from excessive mental and physical excitement. Measly spots on the skin, with dry heat, over excitability and. weeping. Affections after sudden emotions, particularly sudden pleasurable surprises.
Strangulated inguinal hernia, taxis becomes easier after a cup of strong coffee.
Severe colicky pains, mostly around the umbilicus, has to bend double, worse in any other position, great restlessness and loud screaming on changing position, worse at intervals of 5 or 10 minutes, discharge of stool or flatulence affords temporary relief.Colic so distressing that they seek relief by pressing corners of tables or heads of bedposts against the abdomen. Dysentery-like diarrhoea, renewed each time after taking the least food or drink. Urinates small quantities with frequent urging, fetid, thick, viscid jelly-like urine. Intense boring or tensive pain in the ovary causing her to bend double with great restlessness.
Pain in groin like from a hernia, and on pressure sensation as if hernia would recede; abdomen distended and painful.
Femoral hernia; sensation of weight, pressure and pain about femoral ring; downward pressure and weight, < after walking , riding, lifting, and especially before and during menses.
Like silver people, with whom they match very well, they are inspired, poetic and romantic. The copper type has the needs of others just as clearly in mind as their own. They are kind, deep, generous and warm-hearted. They like their creature comforts, food, etc and a romantic life. Copper people love life and people; they love to socialise and mix with others. They have strong family ties and the presence and companionship of friends and family are very important to them. jobs like designers, film-makers, artists, actors, musicians. The copper type needs to develop more confidence, more structure, more strength, more grit. Copper can be strengthened either with iron or lead. Pulsatilla is a key remedy for copper types.
Audible gurgling of the drink passing from the esophagus. Epileptiform convulsions; trembling, tottering, and falling unconscious without a scream; frothing from the mouth; followed by a headache. Brain affections, convulsions, etc., from suppressed eruptions, or during dentition.
Intussusception of bowels with singultus, violent colic, faecul vomiting, great agony and anxiety.


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BMI is frequently used to assess how much an individual's body weight departs from what is normal or desirable for a person of his or her height. The excess weight or deficiency may, in part, be accounted for by body fat although other factors such as muscularity also affect BMI.
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