Zincum Metallicum

Zincum Metallicum

Zincum Metallicum

An antipsoric medicine
suitable in broken down constitutions
feeble constitutions
enfeeblement characterizes the whole drug
patient is
extremely sensitive (this extreme over sensitiveness is like Nux; which is inimical)
twitching of muscles
tearing pains along the course of the nerves
tingling, excited on the least provocation
over sensitiveness in one part and lack of feeling in another
paralytic weakness
full of brain and spinal symptoms
overworked and excitable persons belong to Nux and Zinc
All the functions are slow
eruptions appear slowly
whole economy - tired and feeble
girl approaches puberty and it is time for the menses to be established
but the flow does not appear,
she goes into a decline;
choreic symptoms manifest
neck - soreness in the back of the neck
spine - burning of the whole spine
extremities - creeping and crawling
hysterical manifestations of all sorts
Sensitive to
every little noise
people talking in the room
crumpling of paper
memory - poor
Tendency - to be docile
when aroused irascible
child :
scarlatina / measles - stupor
eruption does not come out
tendency to
extremities- drawing in the extremities
urine - suppression of urine
rolling of the head from one side to the other
from stupor to complete unconsciousness
inability to throw eruptions to the surface
slow in digesting
sour vomiting
intestines - sluggish
rectum impacted
urine -
difficult expulsion
paralysis of the bladder - urine slow in starting - can pass it only when sitting / when sitting leaning back against the seat with hard pressure
tedious constipation
associated with
spinal symptoms
Aching in
dorsal / lumbar /sacral regions
> when walking
< from rising from a seat
[Rhus, aching sacral region> when walking; coming on while sitting (Calc., Rhus, Phos., Sulph.and Sepia)
 < when rising from a seat Zinc. , Petr. Ledum.)
Numbness soles of the feet
heel - cutting pain and soreness when stepping
Limbs paralyzed
finally paralysis of one or both sides
Sleep -shocks and jerking during sleep
emaciation throughout the body
skin - looks withered
face - pallid
chilly - always chilly
sensitive to the cold (tearing pains in all parts of the body when exposed to a draft)
pains - full of neuralgic pains
tension / drawing in various places
(when comes to rest - the limbs draw up- hysterical contractures- drawing fingers all out of shape)
as if strabismus would come on - strange drawing about the eyes
drawing in
the muscles
neck drawn back
tension and drawing everywhere
mind slow
patient weak and tired
memory weak forgetful
repeats questions before answering - to make the mind comprehend (typhoid, after brain affections)
Zinc. is not suitable in naturally feeble-minded (child in a state bordering upon idiocy. Baryta carb.)
semi-slumber -stares a moment without answering
aroused by every little noise
twitches all over
becoming less and less excitable
finally passes into unconsciousness
cannot be aroused
go slowly and gradually into unconsciousness
rolling of the head for day s
eyes lusterless
body emaciated
involuntary discharges of faeces and urine in the bed
tongue dry and parched
paralysis of one hand or one foot
Pain - Screaming out in pain ( Apis.)
spinal meningitis - Bell.  will have flushed face, hot head, rolling of the head, flashing eyes, throbbing carotids.  Bry.  will be docile, stupid, purple, sleepy; ameliorated by quiet.
Helleborus - little fever; cold extremities, tossing of the head, dilated pupils, unconsciousness, can hardly be aroused; rolling head from. side to side, but when the reflexes are abolished, Zinc. comes in.
After the relief from Gels., Bell., or Bry. comes Zinc.
Eyes - thickening and opacity of the conjunctiva
thickened like pterygium
distressing thickening of the lids - ectropion and entropion
Violent photophobia - it seems as if the light would blind him
Strabismus - after brain troubles / scarlet fever
violent pains in the ovaries > by the flow
in the uterus
hysterical excitement
as soon as the menstrual flow appears there is relief
Cimicifuga, has nervous excitement and hysteria during the flow, and the, more copious it is, the more violent are the pains.
Lach. and Zinc. < before, and > with the flow, in the former the pains all return when the flow slacks up again. 
Cimicifuga has at times an intermittent flow, then pain ceasing with each intermission, returning when the flow again appears.
Nervousness :
great nervousness the feet
keeping one foot going all the time, cannot keep it still
Fidgety feet.

Zincum is useful in: Alcoholism. Amblyopia. Asthma. Brain-fag. Brain, paralysis of. Breasts, affections of. Cataract. Chilblains. Chin, eruption on. Chlorosis. Cholera. Chorea. Constipation. Cracks. Dentition. Diarrhœa, nervous; with stupor. Diphtheria. Dysentery. Dysuria. Earache. Eczema. Enuresis. Eruptions; suppressed. Eyes, affections of; granular lids. Fag. Foot-sweat; suppressed. Gastralgia. Headache; nervous; chlorotic. Heels, pains in. Hernia, inguinal. Hiccough. Hydrocephalus. Hyperpyrexia, nervous. Hypochondriasis. Hysteria. Inframammary pain. Joints, creaking in. Ups, affections of. Lochia; suppressed. Malar bones, neuralgia in. Masturbation. Memory, weak. Meningitis. Mental weakness. Milk, defective; suppressed. Neuralgia; intercostal; subcostal. Neurasthenia. Nipples, sore. Nose, redness of. Nymphomania. Œsophagus, spasm of. Otorrhœa. Photopsia. Prostatorrhœa. Ptosis. Reaction, defective. Rheumatism. Screaming. Sleepiness. Somnambulism. Spermatorrhœa. Spinal irritation. Spine, affections of. Spleen, neuralgia of. Strabismus. Suppressions. Tarsal tumours. Throat, sore. Tibia, burning in. Typhoid fever. Ulcers. Urine, hysterical retention of. Varicosis; during pregnancy; of external genitals. Whooping-cough. Worms.


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