Ammonium causticum
Aphonia, with burning rawness in the throat.

Solids cause gagging ; excessive putridity, ulcerations with an excessively offensive odor from the mouth and throat.

Great dryness and bright redness of the throat, the fauces are inflamed, the tonsils are swollen and enlarged, worse on the right side ; food and liquids are ejected through the nose on swallowing.

Sore throat of smokers and drinkers with burning and relaxed uvula, throat sore and contracted even when not swallowing.

Burning from the mouth to the stomach ; throat highly inflamed and covered with plastic lymph ; spasm of the throat and intense constriction about the throat.

Cistus Canadensis
The keynote is intense dryness, the patient has to get up at night to drink to allay this dryness.

There is a sensation of sand in the throat, and submaxillary glands are swollen.

Ferrum phosphoricum
Dry, red, inflamed and painful throat ; sore throat of singers and speakers.

Aphonia from paresis of the muscles, sore scraped throat accompanying nasal symptoms ; pain extends into ears, worse right side ; post diphtheritic paralysis.

Worse on right side ; swollen tonsils ; enlarged veins ; must drink to assist deglutition, as throat is dry ; stinging pains in throat, worse in warm, moist air.

Hepar sulphur
Sharp splinter-like pains in the throat, or a sensation as if there were a lump in the throat.

Tonsillitis with tendency to suppuration.

Argentum nitricum and Nitricum acidum have sticking pains in the throat.

There is a lump in the throat and a sticking sensation, which is relieved by swallowing.

Kalium bichromicum
There is a great swelling of the tonsils and ulcers which secrete a purulent discharge ; there are diseased follicles which exude a caseous matter ; the coating of the tongue is yellow at the base ; the discharge is ropy, tenacious and stringy.

Kalium muriaticum
Follicular pharyngitis with gray or white exudation ; tonsils swollen and inflamed, grayish spots, patches or ulcers in the throat ; ulcerated sore throat ; swelling of the glands about the throat.

It has proved a very useful remedy in diphtheria.

Sensation of lump in left side of the throat, which seems to go down when swallowing, but returns again ; constriction of throat and difficult breathing, worse on arousing from sleep or after sleep ; empty swallowing is painful and fluids escape from the nose ; throat sensitive externally.

Enlarged tonsils, which are studded with small ulcers.

It holds the same relation to the right side of the throat that Lachesis does to the left ; diphtheritic deposits on the right side of the throat ; tonsils and tongue are both swollen.


Dryness and great soreness in the throat ; the patient is obliged to swallow constantly, and there is great soreness and swelling of the glands externally.

Mercurius proto-iodide
Diphtheritic deposits beginning on the right side, with great swelling of the glands, and accumulation of thick, tenacious mucus in the throat ; the tongue is coated yellow at the base, the tip and sides being red.

Mercurius bin-iodide
Sore throat, just like the Proto-iodide, except that it is worse on the left side ; there is more glandular swelling and more fever than in the Proto-iodide, thus partaking more of the features of Iodine.

Mercurius corrosivus
The uvula is swollen, and there is intense burning, worse from pressure ; constriction of the throat, swallowing causes spasm.

Natrum muriaticum
A relaxed uvula with a feeling of a plug or great dryness in the throat.

Nux vomica
Those of smokers, drinkers and preachers ; there is a follicular rawness and scraping from overuse of the voice.

Nitricum acidum
Sensation of a splinter, fishbone or piece of glass in the throat, ulcers in the throat with offensive discharges and odor.

Dry, sore throat of dark red color ; the tonsils are dark red ; pain on swallowing, especially at the root of the tongue, accompanied by general aching in the back and limbs.

Sulphuricum acidum
There is a white membrane in the throat, throat looks as if it was whitewashed.

Relaxed throat ; clergyman's sore throat ; dark red throat with elongated uvula ; sensation of a splinter in throat when swallowing.

Hepar sulphur, Argentum nitrum, Nitricum acidum and Carbo vegetabilis have this splinter-like sensation.

An accumulation of tough, tenacious mucus in the throat ; the patient hems and hawks to clear throat in the morning.



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