Appearance of anxiety, of unrest and distress. 

Face is spotted or purple. 

Inflamed spot, is purple. 

Inflamed glands and cellular tissues, are of purple or mottled appearance.

Ulceration [small wounds {prick of a pin will ooze great drops of blood} bleed much like Phosphorus and Kreosote; uterus, nose, vomiting, hemorrhage from the bowels, menstruation ;blood from any part, when it dries or clots, looks like charred straw or becomes black] bleeds black blood, which soon coagulates and looks like charred straw. The menstrual pains increase violently until relieved by the flow. Sensitiveness over the lower abdomen; can scarcely allow her clothes to touch her. 

Tendency to gangrene. Gangrene of parts that have been injured. 

Veins become varicose (varicose veins after gestation). 

Aggravation of symptoms in the Spring, when patient goes out from the cold weather into the  mild and rainy, or cloudy weather.  

The symptoms of Lachesis are worse on entering sleep hence < on awakening. Heart symptoms- as soon as he goes into a sleep he rouses up with palpitation, with dyspnoea, with suffocation, with exhaustion, with vertigo, with pain in the back of the head. 

 Attacks of suffocation and awful dreams during sleep, on rising dreadful headaches, with palpitation and melancholy.  

Warm bath (fainting in a warm bath), warm  application to inflamed parts < (mental symptoms, palpitation, headache).

<going from cold (being out on a cold day;patient may be cold and chilly yet the warm room increases or brings out the symptoms) to warm room.

< in the Spring; in the warm weather following a cold spell; in rainy weather; after a warm bath; after sleep.

On exertion of the mind and emotions, heart becomes very feeble and extremities become cold (warmth does not seem to relieve the coldness of the feet and hands) skin is covered with sweat and the head is hot. 

Headache goes off when the catarrhal discharge comes, and when the catarrhal discharge stops the headache comes on.

Complaints have tendency to affect the left side; begin on the left and extend to the right (paralysis, tonsillitis, sciatica, ovarian troubles, migraine, prosopalgia).Left upper and right lower. 

Pulsation in inflamed parts(inflamed ovary pulsates, fissure, haemorrhoids), it feels at times as if a little hammer were hammering upon the inflammed part with every pulsation of the artery. 

Over sensitiveness to touch, hard pressure often gives relief(peritonitis, inflammation of the ovaries or uterus, of the abdominal viscera) skin is sensitive to the clothing.  

Oversensitiveness of the meatus auditorus externus, anything introduced into the canal of the ear will cause violent. 

Jealousy and suspicion (friends and family). 

Apprehension of the future (going to have heart disease, and is going to be insane). 

S/he makes a confession of something s/he has never done. 

Much loquacity ( typhoid,  diphtheria,  diseases that are characterized by blood poisoning, puerperal state, insanity)and hurry (sometimes sentences are  only half finished; s/he takes it for granted that you understand the balance and s/he will hurry on).

Face: The face is purple and mottled (due to a venous stasis), the eyelids are tumid, very much puffed;  not pitting upon pressure that we find in oedema but there is a puffiness peculiar to Lachesis, the face looks swollen, inflamed, purple and mottled. 

Drunkards who have red nose; in heart affections with red nose. A red knob on the end of the nose, a strawberry nose. 

Eye: symptoms worse after sleep; eyes oversensitive to touch and light; headaches; violent pain in the eyes from touching the throat.Fistula lachrymalis accompanied by long standing eruptions about the face. 

Jaundice: much disturbance in the liver, yellowness of the skin and whites of the eyes, and thickening of tissues about the eyes. 

Mouth: In Lachesis there is oozing of blood around the teeth, the gums bleed easily,  sordes on teeth. The tongue swells and is protruded very slowly. Salivation. 

Warm drink in throat and stomach is hurtful in acute cases but in chronic cases cold drinks cause a sensation of nausea and tendency to vomit on lying down.The pain in the throat is particularly marked between the acts of swallowing. 

Extreme dryness of throat without thirst, dryness with aversion to water, much inclination to swallow, empty swallowing is more painful, than the swallowing of solids, choking in the throat when anything warm is swallowed, and sometimes when going into a warm room, choking and palpitation of the heart.

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