Onions, one of the oldest vegetables, are found in a large number of recipes and preparations .
Confusion. Fears she will become distracted, from pain in the suppurations on the fingers. Very melancholy.
Dulness, pressure, fulness, heaviness in the head most in occiput, worse evenings, better in the open air, and worse when returning to a warm room.
Dull frontal headache. Dull headache, worse evenings. Like an electric shock, through the head.
Formication in the skull bones. Prickling sweat on the bald scalp after each meal.
Dim and sensitive to light. Thread-like pain : over the right eye, towards the root of nose ; from the cheek towards the eye. Smarting in the eyes, like from smoke. Eyes-red, itch, and are sensitive to touch, worse left. Eyes watery, capillaries congested ; with coryza. Shooting pain in right lachrymal duct. Profuse bland lachrymation. Smarting of inner surface of upper lids.
Noises in the ears. Jerking pains from the throat towards the eustachian tube. Dulness of hearing. Earache.
Epistaxis. Constant sneezing, with profuse acrid coryza, when coming into a warm room. Spring coryza ; tingling and itching in right nostril. Every year in August morning coryza, with violent sneezing ; very sensitive to odor of flowers and skin of peaches (lasting two or three weeks). Fluent coryza, headache, lachrymation, cough, thirst, want of appetite, trembling of hands, feverish ; worse evenings and in-doors ; better in open air. Profuse, watery, acrid nasal discharge, with bland lachrymation. Ichor oozing out of the nose. Polypus of nose.
Thread-like pains about the face, temples and ears. Throbbing, drawing, pressing pains, with swelling of cheek. Face hot.
Toothache with coryza, getting better when the catarrh is worse, and worse when the catarrh ceases.
Dryness of mouth, root of tongue, soft palate and throat. Bad odor from the mouth or throat.
Sensation as of a ball in the throat. Tough mucus in the fauces and throat. Numb feeling in posterior wall of pharynx.
Canine hunger, or may have loss of appetite.
Bad effects from eating spoiled fish.
Sour eructations. Belching, with rumbling in and puffing up of abdomen. Nausea when rising.
Pressure in the stomach. Pain in the region of the pylorus. Stomach feels empty, weak.
Pressure in region of the liver, with creeping chills along the back, coldness. Contracting sensation in the spleen, with stitches while lying.
Colic ; pain in region of navel, worse sitting, better walking. Violent pain in the hypogastrium, to the left, with urging to urinate ; burning micturition. Annoying pains over the middle of the groin. Pressure in left inguinal ring.
Very offensive flatus. Diarrhoea after midnight, or toward morning. Constipation, following intermittents treated by quinine. Rhagades at the anus.
Pains in the region of kidneys. Region of bladder very sensitive, child screams if the hand is placed there. Pressing and other pains in region of bladder. Sensation of weakness or warmth in bladder and urethra. Copious urine, with other complaints. Urine red, with much urging and burning in the urethra. Albuminuria.
Increased sexual desire. After coitus pain in bladder and prostate gland. Drawing in the spermatic cord. Burning in the glans.
Pain in uterine region. In childbed, panaritia on several fingers, with red streaks up the arm, pains driving to despair.
Catarrhal hoarseness. Tickling in throat, with aching in the larynx. Catarrhal inflammation of larynx. Pain as if the larynx would be torn when coughing.
Breathing oppressed from pressure in middle of chest.
Laryngeal cough, frequently repeated. Severe laryngeal cough, which compels the patient to grasp the larynx ; feels as if the cough would tear it. Hacking cough from inhaling cold air. Constant inclination to hack.
Chest laden with mucus. Pains here and there through the chest. Stitches with burning, in middle of left side of chest, when taking a deep breath.
Pulse more frequent and full ; or, slow and hard.
Creepings in the back ; after sitting, pain under the right shoulder-blade. Pain in small of back, if the bowels did not move.
Pain in right shoulder-blade when lying in bed. All the joints feel lame. Trembling of right hand. Run-around, pain extends up the whole arm. Suppuration, after prick with a needle, under the thumb nail ; a red streak up to the elbow.
Weakness of the hips. Nettle-rash on the thighs. Pain above the knees. Lameness in the knee. Sore and raw spots on the feet, from friction. Pain in the great toes.
Soreness in the limbs.
Weak and tired, has to lie down. Lassitude.
Yawning, with headache and cramp in the stomach. Restless sleep, drowsy in the morning. Dreams : of being near the water ; of storms at sea, high waves.
Bad effects from getting the feet wet. Colds, after damp, cold weather and north-east winds. Cold air. Better in open air, worse in warm room.
Fever: Coldness alternates with heat ; during catarrh. Heat and thirst, with rumbling in the belly. Heat without thirst, 2 A.M., passes off by daylight, worse again after breakfast. Sweats easily and copiously.
Periodic attacks : Spring, August.
Most symptoms in provings go from left to right ; cures symptoms that proceed from right to left.
Aching through the body. Neuralgic pains like a long thread ; in the face, head, neck and elsewhere ; worse evenings.
Inflammation and increased secretion of the mucous membrane. Joints ache. Gangræna senilis.
Contact, Injuries, etc. After hurts and lesions stiffness in back, periodic attacks.
Pricking as from pins. Redness of the skin. Nettle-rash on the thighs. Measles.
Old age ; gangrene.
Antidotes to Cepa ; Arnic. against tooth ache ; Chamom. bellyache ; Veratr. colic with despondency.
Phosphor. is complementary.
Cepa is complementary to Phosphor., Pulsat., Sarsap., Calc. and Silic. follow Cepa well in polypus.
Collateral relations that neither antidote nor follow well : All. sat., Scilla, Aloe soc.
Allium sativum is useful in chronic cough with an abundant mucous expectoration, and sensitiveness to cold air ; herpetic diathesis.
Toothache drawing, tearing, jerking, twitching.


 Due to exposure to damp, cold weather.


Warmth, of room <.


> in open air,


> holding cold, water, in mouth.


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 Pain in decayed teeth ,in the gums; digging, drawing, tearing, jerking, twitching, piercing.


During the day, worse in bed.


< in night, in summer , in bed,


For children.


Air, drawing into mouth < Cold in general, cold washing, eating , after eating, in a room, siting ,


when going to sleep, touching the teeth, in open air.


Pains extend to head

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