Domestic Physician ‘ADONIS VERNALIS’

In increases arterial tension, regulates the heart beasts by lessening the frequency of the pulse and increasing the force of the cardiac contraction.

Rapid and feeble action of the heart (after rheumatism or influenza, or bright's disease; muscles of the heart are in stage of fatty degeneration,); dropsy (hydrothorax, ascites, anasarca.); scanty urine with albumen and casts.

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(Potency 6C)

Valvular disease and cardiac asthma.

Mitral regurgitation.

Restless sleep with horrible dreams.


Aching in nape and spine with stiffness.

Dose: 1 to 5 drops of the tincture.


Light-haired persons. Excessive nausea and other affections caused by the motion of a carriage, swing or ship (sea-sickness and carriage-sickness). Hysteria and other nervous troubles arising from over anxiety, night watching and consequent loss of sleep. Anxiety as if she had committed a great crime, startles easily. Very sensitive mood, everything worries her. Choking constriction in upper part of throat, which impedes breathing and provokes cough. During the menses so weak that can scarcely stand or talk. Intolerance of open air whether cold or warm. Sensation of hollowness in one or more cavities of the body, especially the abdomen (sensation of hollowness or emptiness in the head or other parts). Opening and shutting sensation, especially in the occiput. Very sensitive to fear, anger, grief, and all mental disturbances; also to noise and touch. Enlargement of liver after anger. < at menstrual period (piles during menses) ; delirium at onset of menses during first and second days (always sees something alive, on wall, floor, chairs, or anywhere, always rolling, and will roll on her). Sensitiveness to touch is very great and serves to indicate Cocculus in preference to other remedies in many affections where this is pronounced, in articular rheumatism, in ulcers, in neuralgic affections of bones. The least jar is unbearable (travelling by land or sea).


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