When to use

ABIES NIGRA in our daily life

A sensation as if the patient had swallowed some indigestible substance [when this symptom is present, whether in dyspepsia, lung disease (when the sensation is as if there was a hard substance to be coughed up) with or without hæmoptysis, constipation, ABIES NIGRA is the remedy] which had stuck in the cardiac extremity of the stomach ; a hard boiled egg sensation ; dyspepsia from abuse of TEA and tobacco. Low spirited and melancholic, persons who suffers from a dull headache.

Menstruation delayed three months.

Easily gets out of breath.

Dyspeptic troubles of the aged, with functional heart symptoms; constipation.

Very bad dreams. Sleepy during the day, and restless at night.

Dose.--Q,12,15,30,100,200 potency.

(Potency 12C)
(Potency 15C)
(Potency 100C)


Great remedy for the aged, with impairment of all functions, weakness, coldness and numbness, usually of single parts, fingers, arms, etc. Thinking, difficult in the morning with old people. Senile dizziness. Dwells upon unpleasant things. Excitable, nervous children and thin, nervous patients, suffering from spinal irritation. Also for patients weakened by age or overwork, who are anæmic and sleepless. Music aggravates symptoms. Ebullitions and pulsations after walking in open air. Cannot do anything in presence of others.  Nervous, spasmodic cough, with hoarseness and eructation, on waking in morning; worse in presence of people.  Intensely shy, blushes easily. Loss of love of life. Restless, excited, very loquacious. Time passes slowly. Slow comprehension. Hair falls out. Eructations, with violent, convulsive cough. Cannot sleep from worry; must get up. Asthma on attempting coition. Asthma of old persons and children in feeble condition.


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