Agnus Castus causes depression of sexual function.
General debility. Extreme absence of mind; unable to recollect things; finds it difficult to read or keep up the train of thought.
Depression of vital power.
Great sadness with a fixed idea of approaching death.
After confinement the milk fails to appear (fear of death , patient thinks it is sure to come after a while, and there is no use in doing anything; despairing sadness; low-spirited; keeps repeating that she will soon die).
Corrosive itching or gnawing itching over and on the eyebrows, on the eyelids and under the eyes, of cheeks ; > by scratching, but it soon returns.
Lymphatic constitutions.
Premature old age, with apathy and melancholy, self-contempt from sexual abuse. The penis is small and flaccid; so relaxed that voluptuous fancies excite no erection. Itching of the genital organs. Cough in the evening in bed, before going to sleep.
Corrosive itching on different parts of the body, > by scratching, but it soon returns. Itching around the ulcers, in the evening.
Nervous debility in unmarried persons.
Impotence and gleet in old offenders.
Illusion of smell as of herrings; or musk.
Ulcers in mouth and on gums.
Ulcers in the mouth and on the gums.
Tearing pain in lower jaw.
Toothache from hot food or drink.
The teeth are painful when touched by warm food or drink.
Sensation as if the intestines were pressing downwards; constant inclination to support bowels with the hands.
Swelling and induration of spleen.
Rumbling of flatus during sleep.
Sensation as of subcutaneous ulceration near the anus, only when walking.
Deep fissures of the anus, often giving pain when walking.
Discharge of prostatic fluid whilst straining at stool.
Suppressed menses with abdominal pain and want of sexual desire.
Leucorrhœa staining yellow.
Deficiency of milk, with despair of recovery.
Pain as if dislocated in joints.
Joints easily twisted. Sprains, bad results from lifting too much. Feet turn under when walking.
Rheumatic and gouty nodosities on joints. Swelling of the finger joints, with arthritic, tearing pains.

Agnus Castus is useful in :
Anus, excoriation and chaps of
Gonorrhœa, secondary
Gouty joints
Gums, ulcerated
Knees, coldness of
Mouth, ulcers in
Rheumatic nodes
Spleen, swelling of; induration of
Testicles, swelling of; induration of


                    Homoeopathy safer and superior medicine 

If the proof of the pudding is in eating, it is impossible to deny that like cures like. 

A good guideline to remember is: 

Homoeopathy as the general rule
; allopathy as a last resort.


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Homoeopathy safer and superior medicine. If the proof of the pudding is in eating, it is impossible… 

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