Sepia is the inky secretion of the Cuttle fish, which it ejects when pursued by its enemies.

Sepia suits to tall, slim females with narrow pelvises.

"Tall women, Sepia ; tall men, Phosphorus".

Sepia causes a venous plethora, first in the portal systems then throughout the body.

This venous congestion accounts for many of its symptoms.

It also acts prominently on the uterine organs, producing here many symptoms of value.

Characteristics of Sepia are weakness, yellow complexion, bearing down sensation, violent motion relieves symptoms and amelioration in the middle of the day.

Weak memory ; sense of helplessness and great susceptibility to excitement, and still more to terror ; despair, she dreads to be alone, wants company, but has an aversion to her own friends, and is indifferent to her household affairs.

Headaches, commence in the morning and increase, relieved by sleep or violent motion ; the patient is sad and tearful with the headache, and they are better in the open air.

Menstrual headache with scanty flow.

White-coated tongue ; sour or putrid taste in the mouth ; an all gone feeling in the stomach which is not relieved by eating ; nausea at the sight or smell of food ; great longing for acids or pickles ; sensation of a lump in the stomach. 

Colchicum has nausea at the thought of food.

Sepia has yellow saddle across the nose on the face.

In constipation of Sepia there is no desire or urging for days and days ; the stools are hard and large ; inactivity of the rectum, and a sensation of a ball in it ; patient cannot strain and consequently cannot expel stool.

Irritable bladder, involuntary escape of urine during first sleep.

Red sediment in the urine, which is acid and fetid. 

Causticum and Sepia both have enuresis in first sleep. 

Causticum is generally more often indicated in boys, and also in all male sexual disturbances.

In Causticum the urine is involuntary in the daytime as well as at night.

In Causticum there is a paralytic weakness of the  sphincter vesicæ and great sensitiveness to cold air, which is not marked under Sepia.

In male there is weakness of sexual organs. 

Gleet, with scanty discharge in the morning.

In female Sepia has weakness and bearing-down sensation as if everything would protrude from the vulva, compelling patient to sit with limbs crossed.

 Sharp, clutching pains, as if clutched with a hand ; enlargement and hardening of the uterus.

Menses of Sepia are almost any combination, though late and scanty, is the most frequent ; they may be early and scanty, or early and profuse.

In Sepia cough seems to come from the stomach or abdomen ; a cough with salty expectoration, attended by stitches in the epigastrium.

Whooping cough with vomiting of bile and soreness of chest during cough ; relieved by pressure.

In sciatica Sepia has aggravation from sitting, from getting up from a seat; often after violent exertion, though at times this relieves. 

Lancinating stitches, must get out of bed for relief.

Sepia produces vesicular eruptions around mouth and chin; ringworms (Tellurium has offensive discharge); yellow spots, liver spots on abdomen and chest ; herpetic conditions about knees and ankles.

Sepia is useful in: Alcohol, effects of. Amenorrhœa. Anus, pressure of. Apoplexy. Appetite, depraved. Ascarides. Baldness. Bladder, irritable. Cancer. Change of life. Chloasma. Chorea. Condylomata. Cystitis. Dandriff. Dysmenorrhœa. Dyspepsia. Eczema. Epistaxis. Eyes, affections of. Face, yellow. Freckles. Gleet. Gonorrhœa. Gravel. Herpes; circinatus. Hysteria. Irritation. Jaundice. Leucorrhœa. Liver-spots. Liver, torpid. Menstruation, disordered. Mind, affections of. Nails, pains under. Neuralgia. Nose, inflamed; swollen. Ozæna. Phimosis. Pityriasis versicolor. Pleurisy. Pregnancy, disorders of; vomiting of. Pruritus. Psoriasis. Ptosis. Pylorus, induration of. Quinsy. Rectum, cancer of; fissure of. Ringworm. Sacrum, pain in. Sciatica. Seborrhœa. Smell, sense of, too acute; disordered. Spermatorrhœa. Stye. Toothache. Urine, incontinence of. Uterus, bearing down in. Varicose veins. Warts. Whooping-cough.

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At vero eos et accusamus et iusto odiodig nissimos ducimus usce condimentum eleifend enim a feugiat.

Blanditiis Praesentium Volupeto

At vero eos et accusamus et iusto odiodig nissimos ducimus usce condimentum eleifend enim a feugiat.

Blanditiis Praesentium Volupeto

At vero eos et accusamus et iusto odiodig nissimos ducimus usce condimentum eleifend enim a feugiat.