Cicuta virosa

In spasms, with rigidity, fixed, staring eyes, blue face and frothing at the mouth ; there is great difficulty in breathing, opisthotonos and loss of consciousness, and these spasms are followed by profound exhaustion.


 When from suppressed eruptions ; violent delirium, there is blueness of the face and lips, the eyeballs are distorted, and there is frothing at the mouth, and they may be ushered in by a shriek or cry. Convulsions following cholera.

Hydrocyanicum acidum

 In convulsions simulating epilepsy, tetanus with stiffness about the jaws and neck ; another symptom indicating its use is a gurgling, which extends from the throat to the stomach when swallowing.


Epileptic spasms with jerking, twitching and frothing at the mouth, followed by sleep ; patient bites his tongue ; patient looks wild.

Oenanthe crocata

It has been used with success in epilepsy and paralytic conditions ; convulsions with death-like syncope.


Epilepsy which occurs at night, the aura beginning in the solar plexus ; arising from overstrain of the mind and from emotion.


In cases which have arisen from fright.

Nux vomica

Epileptic attack caused by indigestion, the aura starting in the epigastrium and spreading upward.


Useful remedy for the attacks.

Nux vomica, Silicea, Bufo and Calcarea carbonica have aura beginning in the solar plexus and proceeding upward.

Indigo and Cina are useful remedies for epilepsy and spasms which are caused from irritation of worms.


The aura starts from the epigastrium and from the genital organs.

There is often preceding the attack great irritability of mind.

Argentum nitricum

Epilepsy from fright or coming on during menstruation ; pupils are dilated for days or hours before attack ; after attack restlessness and trembling of hands.

Cicuta virosa

When the patient is taken with rigidity, fixed, staring eyes, blue face, frothing at mouth ; shocks or series of shocks pass through body ; jaws locked ; followed by pro-found exhaustion.

Asthenopia following diphtheria, a paralysis of accommodation, necessity to wear far-sighted glasses (Gels.).
Cures of epilepsy have been reported.

Calcarea Carbonica
Lime cures often, without the help of other medicines, a disease of the most formidable kind, and one till the present time regarded as incurable, epilepsy.



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