Calcarea Carbonica

Curvature of spine and long bones. Joints: Cracking and crepitation, as if they were dry. Exostosis and caries of the extremities, necrosis. Caries of the teeth of children. Toothache < by draft or cold.

Swelling and softening of the bones. It causes defective growth, emaciation, glandular troubles. It corresponds to scrofulous affections, with sluggishness of the system.  Obesity.  Sweat about the head.  Large abdomen, great head, small neck.  Cold feet, feels as if cold, damp stockings were on. Sour vomiting.  DiarrhÅ“a, with acid stomach, worse in evening.  Shortness of breath.  Fair, fat, flabby, obese.  Slow, stupid, sluggish. Premature, profuse, protracted (menstruation).


Calcarea phosphorica

Bladder aches when empty.  Lean, spare, emaciated body; sunken, flabby abdomen.  Craving for salted and smoked meat.  Always wants to go somewhere (Tub).  Desire to travel.  Spine so weak in lumbar region that he cannot sit upright unless back is supported.  Bones soft, thin, brittle, curved, defective development, non-union of fractures. Bones soft, thin, brittle, curved, defective  development, non-union of fractures.  Fontanelles remain open too long. Osteoporosis.Fistulous ulcers on the ankles; edges callous; ichor putrid.



Sensitiveness to touch: bones of skull, scalp, roots of hair; bridge of nose. Uneasy creeping and pressing sensation about nasal bones as from wearing spectacles when not used to them. Left leg feels shorter than right whilst walking. Little pimples round anus with burning and itching. Osteoporosis. Very red and very fiery-looking ulcers, which may occur in the throat or on any other part of the body, in the mouth, on the legs.  > In open air. Cold and chilly in warm room. < In summer. Forgetfulness (forgets things he has to do).


In Homoeopathy the consultation focuses on the whole person, on their experience of their illness in their life. The consultation contains questions about your symptoms and everything that might influence you: the effects of time of day, position, temperature, weather changes, seasons, situations and emotions, diet, exercise. Each person when they are ill maintains a pattern of symptoms which is their best possible response to the illness. The purpose of the consultation is to understand and recognize this pattern of symptoms and match it in a homeopathic medicine chosen especially to stimulate natural healing.

You should continue all the medication you are already taking - it will not stop the healing effect of homeopathy. Homeopathic medicines are gentle yet act deeply and in harmony with your body and any other medication you need.

As long as you and your body need support, so the length of each treatment depends on: how long you have been ill, how severely ill you are, how long it might take for your body to heal and repair. It takes longer to heal joints than to heal skin. People often respond to homeopathy soon and once improvement begins it continues as it supports your natural healing resources.

The medicines are taken by mouth - as drops in water, or as pills or tablets to suck. They do not have a strong taste. Babies and young children are given the medicines in sweet granules. Full typed instructions are given on how to take the medicines and how often to take them or give them to your child. Usually the medicines are taken daily at the beginning of treatment.

Homeopathy is safe, gentle and natural.

Homeopathy is safe for babies and children.

Homeopathy is safe for pregnant women.

Homeopathy is safe for breastfeeding women.

Homeopathy is safe for men and women of all ages.

Users and critics agree that homeopathic medicines are safe with no side effects. Homeopathy proved safe for two hundred years of medical practice and research and trials.

Homeopathic medicines are gentle in action.

Homeopathic medicines are made from pure natural ingredients.

Homeopathic dose is extremely small.

A good guideline to remember is: 

Homoeopathy as the general rule; allopathy as a last resort.

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