Falling out of hair

Falling out of hair


BARYTA CARBONICA - Lossing of hair from crown. Alopecia.

CARBO VEGETABILIS - Hai falling in severe illnesses and child birth.

 FLUORICUM ACIDUM - Daldness in syphilitic patients. Hair fall and will not grow. (USTILAGO MAYDIS)

GRAPHITES - Bald spots on sides of head. Head sweats easily.

KALIUM CARBONICUM  - Falling off of hair with dryness.

LYCOPODIUM CLAVATUM - Great falling out of hair. Premature grayness of hair and baldness. Complete bald without eyebrows and eyelashes. Craves sweets and suffers from digestive disorders. (Falling of hair while nursing , Sul, Lyco, Calc.)

NATRIUM MURIATICUM - Hair falls when combed. Falling of hair during pregnancy. ( SEPIA)

PHOSPHORICUM ACIDUM - From General debility.Falling of hair from head, eyebrows, eyelashes and genitals (pubic hair).(PETROLEUM)

PHOSPHORUS - Bald spots on head. Bald spots on head are dry and scaly. Dandruff, roots of hair get grey and hair comes out in bunches.

ROSMARINUS - Baldness; headache; flogging mental powers.

SEPIA - Scalp itches; scalp and hair roots very sensitive to touch; great falling of hair.

THUJA OCCIDENTALIS - Hair falls due to dry , white, scaly dandruff.

THYROIDINUM - Senile whitening of hair.

VINCA MINOR - Falling off of hair from scalp with great itching.

WIESBADEN - To improve growth and darkness of hair.



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